What Sissies Say About This Site

"This is the most amazing site on the internet. My sissy Angelica and I enjoy it very much. It is helping him to learn to be a good little sissy boy. The artwork gets my sweet Angelica all worked up into quite a frenzy and his dolly is always so very hard when he looks at your drawings. And the ideas you have given me to help his training along, I will forever be in your debt. Thank you again so very much".- Madam Lillie

"I just had to tell you that I love all of your wonderful drawings and stories of panty boys being humiliated in their cute little lingerie and dresses.
No other site produces such an intense tent in my panties as yours does... I simply couldn't control myself!
I didn't think it possible but you get better with every issue. I just purchased issue #53. "Squeeze the Head" absolutely did me in. It had me moaning and writhing in exctasy at a level I never thought possible. I don't think I've ever stretched my panties to such an extent. I could live the rest of my life in some of your drawings. Thank you -thank you, thank you. You are a gem. I'll never forget this one. "
- Andrea

"I am greatly enjoying issue 39...it really captures the essence of female domination through a process of sissification...Please keep up the good work." -Sissy Lucy

" Prissy is a wonderful example of a good sissy and a role model for us all. It is like we are sisters at heart. I feel such a kinship to you for your intensely erotic approach to sissidom. It is so totally enveloping... Thank you Mummy Blousewell for asserting the feminine authority and leadership that we sissies so need."- Sissy Patricia

"I've spilled buckets of cum looking at your drawings of pretty sissies and your descriptions of them helplessly ejaculating because of their feminine feelings. Nobody is even close to you. I do NOT want to be a sissy myself, but sissies excite me a great deal. As always, Issue 27 was sissy paradise, with girly boys galore and cum flowing like the Thames. First, I must say, I was delighted with Prim's "Kissing Cousins." It was a classic ball-drainer in picture and words. But oh, Sweetie, "Your Turn to Squirt." with those eager little creampuffs begging to be milked was a festival of naughtiness. No one reaches into my libido and strokes it to a messy conclusion like you do, my dear. In complete dehydration and awe, "-G Man

"I'm totally devoted to your drawings and stories. In fact I bought a pair of six inch heel baby pink patent leather pumps just like some of the boys in the pictures are made to wear so I can wear them when I "enjoy" the pictures. Please don't ever stop publishing your pictures and stories. I live for them..."-Michael

"I just adore your web site. Prissy's drawings are simply perfect. They depict the very clothes, make-up, and postures that I would loved to be forced into by a determined mummy, like yourself. The poses in which they are drawn capture the feminine, humiliated, totally submissive obedience of which I dream. I imagine that I am they as I naughtily play with myself..."-Pepper

"... you have the absolute BEST fetish site on the net!!! The carpet under my desk is all hard and crusty from.......gee; I wonder how THAT happened!!...!
number 49 is another smash and I just adore every single issue you put out and wait in anticipation of the next one. You should be proud to be at the head of the class when it comes to sissy fetish art.

"I simply had to change into my sissy clothes to read and watch them and my girly frilly panties were soon soaking wet from my girly cream. Even now I can't stop playing with my girly stick and I guess soon I will have to change into another pair of silky panties. Luckily we girls have plenty of them, haven't we? "-Sissy girly boy Katrin

"Your work has introduced me (albeit surprisingly late in life) to the ultimate expression of female domination/male humiliation, along with the incredible excitement and tension it produces seeking its own release...It's the fantastic display of uncontrollable pleasure and release in the midst of unimaginable shame experienced by your characters that is missing from so many other forms of the genre..."-anon

"I've been visiting your site for the last year or so, and I just go all soft and squishy (so do my pretty, frilly panties )... Darling, you draw the most delicious sissy/baby pictures I have ever seen!!! As for your stories, whether it's one of your full length tales or a story line for a graphic, they are all soooooo exciting - sometimes I can squirt two or three times while reading one story... "-Lee

"There is NO One finer on the entire Internet and I have not seen any better ANYWHERE!!!!!"-Wilma

I have finally got into issue #50, and from the first few items I have read, it looks like your pictures and stories are getting better and better all the time. Keep up the great work for panty sissies like me. I love to play in panties and cum in them thanks to the help of your website.-Hardcock_rafe