by Prim
Stepford is a town where selected young men are feminized by expert Nurses and trained to be sex playthings for rich men.

Part 5 : Peter Makes Progress

Sam had been in his office barely five minutes before a call came through to him from the Silkman Clinic. A pang of apprehension grabbed him. Something had gone wrong? His sissy trainee had run away? or maybe had lost his mind completely!?

The nurse on the line was quick to reassure him. "No, no, Mr Walkman. There is nothing to worry about. In fact I think you can expect some good news. Would it be possible for you to visit Matron Wynter at 10 o'clock this morning ? That's in 40 minutes."

Sam's heartbeat went from the 90 of worry to 120 of blind excitement. He was on his way.


"Mr Walkman, I have asked you to attend our little meeting this morning because there have been significant developments in the training of your future companion. In fact I feel I am right in saying that you have been a rather lucky man when it was your turn for Sissified Companion Allocation and the selection process."

Sam managed no more than a silent swallow at these words from the tall and handsome, dark haired Miss Wynter as she faced him across her expansive desk, with Nurse Andrews sitting at her side. She was not the sort of woman you would interrupt, so a moment or two elapsed while she allowed her words to sink in.

"Our nurses at the Institute Clinic are reputedly the best there are, Mr Walkman, and can guarantee to produce a most amenable and attractive sissy no matter what the condition of their patient beforehand. And they sometimes have to employ some harsh and even controversial methods to make initial progress away from masculinity. Every now and again, however, the Institute intake of trainees throws up a case of naturally predisposed effeminacy, and even in some cases a patient who possesses, hidden within him, a sweet girlish nature which is only waiting to be brought out."
She had been eying Sam down her nose through all this, but now looked him squarely in the eyes.

"In the case of Peter Armitage, however, we have a rare instance of Pure Sissy. He is naturally inclined to be feminine, even though he is a male… or was I should say!"

Sam's mouth hung open and his eyes were like saucers.

"I do not mean that he wants to be feminine," she added, her eyebrows slightly raised; "Oh no. In fact he is just a little upset by what has become of him," and she turned slightly to Nurse Andrews beside her to receive a smirking nod of the head in confirmation. "What I mean is that dainty Peter is made of all the sweet little delicacies that go to make a darling little girl."

Sam's heart missed five or ten beats together and just about managed to recover.

"You said you would like your Sissy to be pretty, Mr Walkman?" She was seeking verification.

"He-hey," stammered the poor man, finding himself suddenly required to speak, "I want him to be the sweetest, cutest, girliest little sex-pot this side a Hollywood."

"Well, I've seldom seen such a lovely creature. And I understand you were keen for Peter to be trained in the art of fellatio for your particular enjoyment?"

Sam's cock had thickened and risen up so that his pants were getting to be as tautly stretched as they would go. "Ma'am I wan'im ta suck me in an' swaller me whole, hook line 'n' plunger!" he said with a grin.
The women watched his erection make an obscenely large bulge in his pants, then Matron looked him in the eye again.

"Rest assured, your needs in that department will be expertly taken care of " she said coldly. " Peter's desire to please his owner will be very great indeed."
Sam's trouser bulge gave a visible jerk and then he blushed and lowered his eyes to the carpet. Under Matron's haughty gaze even the masculine men of Stepford felt foolish and weak.

Nurse Andrews smothered a giggle at his enthusiasm. "Mr Walkman," she grinned, sitting forward as if to take a hand in controlling his excitable spirits, "Nurse Patterson and I will need your assistance today in the treatment room. Your Sissy is ready to develop some 'tender feelings' towards his Master. It is very important that Peter should see you while he is being treated and feel as sweet as he can while you are caressing him. Will you be able to spend the rest of the day with us as we move him forward into the final stage of his training?"

Enough had been said. Just thirty seconds after these words had escaped Nurse Andrews' lips, Sam had outlined a whole day's work over his cellphone to Hal at the office and was pacing down the corridor at the Nurse's side trying to hasten her steps. He would need to watch from the observation room, she said, and prepare himself mentally for taking charge of his dainty little future companion. When the time was right he would be invited to join them, and from that point on his darling Peter would be made to slide further and further down a slippery slope of devotion to his new Master.
Handing him a pair of latex boxer shorts as he entered the booth the grinning Nurse said, "In case of an, er... accident dear, but try not to ejaculate before we call you in."


Peter lay on his back across the lap of Nurse Pattersen while she fastened the little pink buttons at the hips of his babyish pants in pink shuddered silk. Their elastics were at the very top of his legs, just where his smooth, pink, rather babyish tummy began, and were stretched quite tightly over his frilled panties because of the pert erection that pointed up to the ceiling between his bare, parted thighs. All he wore below his baby pants was a pair of pink booties in glaced satin that buttoned up the outside of his foot and halfway up his shin. They matched the pink gloves that buttoned halfway up his forearms, leaving most of his arms bare except for the puffed little sleeves of his shuddered silk blouse in pure white, with its big, folded collar that cupped his hair and almost enclosed his blushing face. The blouse had little lacey frills down the front on either side of his lovely little blouse buttons, disappearing into the waist elastic of his pink pants. His nurses sat him upright, and fussed his babyish clothes.

"My word, Peter, Darling !" declared Nurse Andrews, daintily toying with the front edges of his collar and smiling in at his crimson face. "What a lovely blouse collar you have round your pretty face. It's so big, isn't it? Is that why you're blushing, Peter, Darling? Is it because your nice collar is so very girlish and sissy?"

Her fingers made the silk collar separate and join and slide daintily around the 22-year-old's embarrassed cheeks as his two nurses smiled at him. His voice was almost lost in timid shame and embarrassment. "Y-yes, Nurse... I feel so weak in such a pretty blouse... I-I feel like a S-S-Sissy."

"Well that's all right, Sweetheart," she cooed reassuringly, her smile even wider as she gently brushed his hair off his forehead with her fingers and arranged his collar some more.
"We know you feel sweet and delicate and frilly... That's because you are becoming more of a Big Sissy every day. You feel soppy and frilly in your girlish blouse and your baby-girl pants, and that's the way we want you to feel, isn't it, Nurse Pattersen ?"

Her partner agreed. "That's right, darling, because when you are feeling like a sweet little girlie, we can give you something very, very nice to suck between your pretty little cherry lips. Shall we have a little look at your pretty lips in the mirror, Darling?" she invited, parting his big white collar and revealing an undeniably attractive looking pair of cute, moistened, cherry-red lips which trembled nervously as the 22-year-old contemplated how truly pretty and soppy he had come to look since being brought to the clinic.

His appearance was fully appreciated at the same time on the other side of the two-way viewing window, where Sam Walkman leaned forward to gaze very close up at the exquisite girlie-boy. He had to agree with the nurses: the Sissy's lips sure were as girlish as they come, and Sam just could not wait to press his own thick male lips over them and kiss and kiss and kiss them. And not only that; he could look forward to those lovely, pansy lips soon kissing and caressing his most sensitive and intimate parts! Sam had to unleash his rampant organ from its boxers to avoid snarling its stiffness up completely, and it stood throbbing like a steaming poker as he gazed on the pathetic frilliness of his babified playmate.

"Just turn your pretty lips to me now, darling," urged Nurse Andrews softly. "It's time for Sissy Peter to have his sucky-sucky juice, so that he can feel even MORE soppy and frilly.

The two nurses wrapped their white plastic masks over their faces and popped the studs together at the neck and there was a panic of rustling silk as the poor ex-male recognised the approach of his next dose of feminising medication. He pushed against his nurse's hands as hard as he could, trying desperately to free his arms, but so feeble was he now that the gentle, unrelenting grasp of Nurse Pattersen easily turned him into a laid-back position for her partner to separate his pretty collars and clasp his cheeks between thumb and middle finger.

"Now darling," came the reprimand, muffled and hollow through the crisp white plastic, "Open up for Nurse Andrews like a good little babykins… Little Peter must have his precious juice and feel like a soft and pretty sissykins. And that's because Nurse has a lovely, lovely surprise for Baby Peter this morning."

"Oh Nurse, no, please," came the plaintive bleats from Peter's deep blouse collar. His pink glaced gloves attempted to intervene, one pressing rather daintily on his nurse's breast and the other clasped over his lips in a handful of white silk. "D-don't make me swallow that girlie-juice," he wheedled through his fingers, adding frantically as Nurse Pattersen easily removed his hand. "It makes me so S-S-SISSY!!!"

It was then that the enfeebled male saw the bottle of juice that appeared in front of his face. The bottle was the same as usual, in rose pink plastic, but the teat was different! It threw the wretched ex-male into a panic.

"Oh no ! NO !" he exclaimed, his brows arched in disbelief. "It's a man's- THING ! … A HUGE one!"

The women held onto him firmly as his struggles became frantic, his pink silk pants sliding deeper into the Nurses' white rubber aprons.

"Don't worry, Pet," cried Nurse Andrews through her mask, "it's shaped like a man's penis for a very good reason." She had to hold him even tighter on her arm, gently squeezing his face into the crook of her pink sleeve as she went on to tell him what lay in store for the rest of the day. "And you will soon see how lovely it can be for a nice, obedient sissy to suck his drinkies from a real man's penis. A much bigger one than your sweet little sissy prick of course, darling It's just a few minutes now before your new Master, Mr Walkman, will be visiting us in the treatment room, and he will be delighted to see just how girlish and feminine you have become."

There was a sudden halt in Peter's struggling but it resumed immediately at twice the level of flusters as before.

"Sam? Oh no ! He will see me like this!!! He will think I am a sissy. He will think I am a GIRL!"

His Nurses beamed with satisfaction in their nursing masks, enjoying the comprehensive success of their sissying treatment. "That's right, Sweetheart," agreed Nurse Pattersen, slotting the bulbous knob of purpled plastic between the edges of Peter's collar. "he will be so PLEASED with you, especially since you are so sweet and helpless now, and such a pretty and feminine Sissy."

The bare legs wriggled and flailed ineffectively in the air behind the nurses' backs as Peter Armitage made pitifully inadequate attempts to turn his face away from the approaching large-teated bottle. The grunts and whimpers of frantic effort merely underlined the depths of his new impotence and weakness, for it was simply a matter of lining up the big plastic bulb at his lips, pressing gently, and the effeminate sissy feebly accepted the bottle as it was pushed deep into his mouth until the penis knob touched the back of his throat.
Then his struggles really began, as Nurse Pattersen planted herself more squarely on her stool and leaned the white rubber bib of her apron across their wriggling captive. His blouse-collared head was clasped deeply in the pink nylon sleeve of Nurse Andrews' arm as she pressed and held the bottle in place, ensuring their sissy-boy could not avoid sucking and sucking on the bottle of pansifying liquid.

"That's right, little Peterkins," she cooed as the gulps of swallowed liquid became more rhythmic within the big, white silk collar, and the wriggling legs became calm and settled behind her colleague. "It's NICE to feel yourself becoming more and more feminine and frilly, isn't it dear."

Their young victim gazed widely into her eyes and saw that she was smiling within her white plastic mask as she praised him in calming words of encouragement.
"To feel soft and helpless and oh so pretty and deeeliciously girlie..." she continued as the pansy-making liquid began taking effect. Gradually his raised knees began to press and slither softly against the back of Nurse Patterson's uniform, tasting the sweetness of its shiny femininity and craving the comfort of being completely under his Nurses' control.

"Good little Sissykins," smiled both his nurses as he drank in deep, gurgling gulps while his dainty hands pressed softly onto the sides of his blouse collar and gathered the white shuddered silk onto his cheeks until his eyes flickered and closed in blissful ecstasy. He wanted every drop of the feminising liquid now and when the Nurse began to pull the teat gently from his mouth she felt his greedy lips sucking it back and gulping faster.

Minutes later, Peter's pink baby pants were being unbuttoned at the gusset, and Nurse Patterson was threading his penis out of the taut silk panties into the freshness of the treatment room. It stood starkly upright in blatant acceptance of its babyish femininity.

"You're being ever such a good Sissy, Peterkins," soothed Nurse Andrews, gazing down into her captive's eyes as her partner crossed to the wardrobe for a necessary change of his costume. "Nurse Patterson and I are very pleased with how well you have swallowed your sissy juice and we are SO pleased at how PRETTY you are becoming." Her fingers were trilling delicately up and down the length of his bare, stiffened member where it stood in his lap. There was a quiver of pleasure in the young man's voice as he managed to whisper his breathless reply:

"P-pwetty, Nurse…?" he gasped, his opened lips trembling uncontrollably. "D-do you think I am p-pwetty, N-Nurse Andrews?"

"Why SURELY you are, my Precious. And Nurse Patterson is looking through your sissy wardrobe right now to choose something extra sweet that will suit such a girlish little sissy. Have you found something really pretty, Nurse," she called, her fingertips playing a little more insistently on the taught flesh of his upright penis.

Peter's face rustled to one side on his Nurse's arm and peered towards the opened wardrobe from the silkiness of his blouse collar. His mind had become so confused in the last few days, and and he couldn't make out how he should react to his nurses' plan. Maybe he even wanted Nurse Patterson to find something that would make him ever so pretty? His penis, small as it was, reached eagerly into the clasping fingers of Nurse Andrews in gratitude for how dainty he was becoming. Then he caught sight of the armful of lace and frills that were about to grace his formerly masculine body.

"I think you will be ever so sweet in these darling frills, Peter," oozed Nurse Patterson as she set a deep froth of cascading frills on one of the chairs nearby.
Her colleague felt a throbbing of the pink flesh between her fingers and smiled down at her wide-eyed, panicking captive across her lap. "Yes darling, you will! We are going to dress you very sweetly as a perfectly adorable little girl. What is Peterkins going to wear, Nurse Patterson ?"

Whimpers of apprehension escaped his cherried lips as both nurses raised him into a sitting position and began to unfasten his blouse down the front. "Well, Pet, you're going to be dressed in silk frilled petticoats and a simply gorgeous sissy-girl dress in white duponne satin, trimmed with sweet little bows."

"Ooooh, with bows!" gasped Nurse Andrews in mock delight. "Just think how PRETTY and little girlie you will be, my Pet." And Peter's hands clasped his cheeks in horror mixed with an involuntary girlish thrill of anticipation as his nurses undid his little silk pants at the back of the waist and attended to the buttons of his booties.

"Ohhhhhhh, whatever will Sam think of me?" gasped the helpless 22-year-old as his little bra was undone at the back and he slipped his arms daintily out of the ribbons.

"You must call Mr. Walkman 'Master' now, my pet," smiled Nurse Andrews, lifting him in one arm and slipping his pink baby pants down his legs. "You are to be his personal property: a lovely, delicate and very frilly little Sissyboy for his own sexual pleasure, and you will be ever so girlish for him."

A quiver of helpless, feminine sweetness rippled through Peter's slim, naked body, and a moment later he burst into floods of tears.


"Come along Peterkins, take Nurse Pattersen's hand and we will take a dainty little walkies round the room together." Nurse Andrews delivered the trembling, hesitant Sissy into her partner's care, and sat on her stool to observe the results of their final preparations for him to meet his Master.

Their patient stepped very daintily indeed alongside his Nurse in his lacey white ankle socks and button-strap shoes in pearled pink patent, with the full length of his shapely legs displaying a picture of girlish femininity. At the top of his thighs his panties minced in white elasticated lace beneath two pert buttocks covered in white satin and surrounding them spread the frills of his copious lace-trimmed petticoats. His steps were very short, since his knees were clipped together in a narrow pair of linked garter-cuffs surrounded in frills, so that he skipped and scurried to stay alongside Nurse Pattersen, his free hand holding the hem of his satin dress daintily out to the side.

Peter's eyes gazed into the dressing table mirror and welled with tears. His lovely dress shone in brilliant white satin, spreading from a high sashed waist into a wide skirt that barely covered his hips. Each of his puffed sleeves carried a bow of white satin above his shoulders, flanking a pretty Peter Pan collar edged in frills of lace. The flaring folds of his dress revealed the frills of several silk and lace petticoats, which in turn showed the lacey legs of a pretty pair of girls' panties at the very tops of his long bare legs. Two wide drapes of shell pink satin hung to his knees from the big bow at the back of his sash.

What he saw brought an unexpected wave of softness over the bewildered patient, and as he felt the tug of the frilled clasp at his knees, a frisson of frilliness swept through him and brought his hands to his cheeks, prompting another intense spasm of girlishness as he saw his long pink glaced gloves buttoning almost to his elbows, while a big bow of shell pink satin flared on the top of his pretty hair-style. The little pearls of his choker and his earrings completed the pink daintiness of his girlish accessories. His fingers plucked instinctively at one of his sleeves, filling it out into the same tall, round puff as the other, and he turned slightly this way and that as he fondled the wings of his wide collar into perfect feminine neatness.

Each of these girlish gestures, each delicate little flounce of femininity, brought pangs of lust to the watching Sam Walkman, facing his lovely Sissy Girlfriend on the other side of the mirror-cum-viewing window. His cock was so hard it hurt and he didn't dare touch himself for fear of an instant explosion.

Nurse Pattersen grinned at the mirror as she stood behind her patient to pluck his hair ribbon bow into a full butterfly of glossy satin. "My word, don't you look sweet, darling," she cooed, fluffing the sides of his hair with a mother's tenderness. "You are so cute and dainty in every way that you must feel just like a sweet little girl does in her loveliest frock. Come along to Nurse Andrews, pet; she has something for you that will make you a truly girlish Sweetheart for Master Walkman."

Peter pulled his hand from his Nurse's with a gasp and clutched his cheeks between both gloves, keeping himself in view at the mirror. "Ohhhhhhh, Mr Walkman!" he gasped, the colour draining instantly from his cheeks. "He's going to see me like this?" and his fingers flitted and flurried again at his sleeves and collar and fussed out the sides of his dress around him. "What will he think of me, Nurse ? Will he like me, do you think ? Will he find me PRETTY enough?"

"Why of course he will, my darling," she reassured him, gently drawing the anxious Sissy away from the mirror and bringing him to where her partner was waiting for him. "Now you just sit here on Nurse Andrews' knee, and we will ensure that you are going to feel exactly like a lovely, dainty, excited little girl in her sweetest frillies and her best party dress."

Peter's heart was pitter-pattering like any little girl's as Nurse Andrews laid him back on her arm and raised the front of his satin dress, revealing the copious frills of his white petticoats and then the exquisite softness of his satin panties. The delicate lace-trimmed panties were fitted with three babyish glass buttons across the gusset, which Nurse Pattersen unslotted to bare the tender private genitals within. Peter was profoundly smooth and soft in every detail, with an eagerly awakened penis reaching bolt upright to an un-masculine three or three-and-a-half inches. His petticoats and panties were arranged well out of the way, and his knees, which were now above him where he lay and which he was trying to press together with girlish modesty, were now fitted with a looped frame of tubular white plastic, with the ends round each of his knees. A flick of the fingers removed each of his frilled garters, and a moment later she was extending the loop until his knees were parted as wide as they would go.

There was helpless bleating from the astonished Sissy, whose fingers sought instinctively to protect his modesty, but Nurse Pattersen took first one hand and then the other and clipped them into cuffs on the outside of his knees.

"Nurse… Oh Nurse…" whimpered the helpless Sissy as he lay on his back across Nurse Andrews' rubber apron, his pink patent shoes fluttering impotently in the air and his gloved fingers stretching wide in hopeless fear at his defenseless out-spread knees.

His Nurses were donning their white masks again, for the moment ignoring their patient as they made their preparations. Rubber gloves were pulled tightly onto their fingers and part way up their stiffened white nylon cuffs, and Nurse Andrews produced a compact of pale pink, perfumed, skin-sensitizing powder. They dusted their patient's bottom slot with soft brushes, powdering it into the exquisite purity of a baby girl's bottom. Then they concentrated on his little penis, gently sensitizing and prettifying its peeny-sac and then its stiff little column and knoblet in every spot and slot until it was as thrilled and delicate as a girlish pussy.

The powder was set to one side, and in its place Nurse Andrews took a medically sanitised bag from the treatment tray, and pealing off the seal, she produced a little bag and clip appliance. Her companion unscrewed the lid of a small jar, and carefully brushed its colourless liquid contents onto the clip. Then, with unerring expertise, both Nurses slipped the moistened clip round the base of Peter's penis and looped the clasps round the roots of his scrotum forming it into two expanded and exposed balloons.

The liquid brought an instant shudder of emotion flooding through their patient, arching his back and causing him almost to slide off his Nurse's knee had she not been expecting it.

"There now, my pet," she smiled, her voice sounding hollow in the rippling rubber of her mask, holding him steady as he mewled and warbled in blissful pleasure. "I TOLD you I had something very nice for you today if you were a very pretty and a very sissy little girl. And this lovely, lovely juice will make you feel TERRIBLY nice and happy… whenever you feel one of those lovely moments of GIRLISHNESS. Yes, darling… all you have to do is feel like a GIRL, and your special 'Pretty-Clitty' juice will make your little sissy peeny feel oh so DELICIOUS in your pretty panties."

Nurse Pattersen in the meantime fitted a little bag of clear gossamer over his penis knoblet, fastening a little bow of pink ribbon below the rim to keep it in place and attaching the corners of the bag to a ribbon round his waist, forming a dainty 'pantie-bag' that lay flat against his groin from penis to waist. "There now, little Sweetie," she chuckled affectionately, "your liquid little-girl feelings don't need to soil your pretty girls' panties and petticoats now, do they. Sissy Peterkins can feel as girlish as he likes and all his creamy dribbles and squirties will simply run into his nice juice-bag so that we can watch him turning into a sweet, frilly girl."

Their patient's penis immediately stiffened and straightened itself before their eyes, bringing rubber-masked giggles of pleasure from both his Nurses as they arranged the gusset of his white satin panties over his dainty, girlish parts and buttoned them together for him between his softly powdered legs.

"Oh no… no-o-ooooo, I'm buttoned… into my ... little girl panties!" gasped the palpitating Sissy, trying desperately to arch himself across his Nurse's rubber lap and concentrating hard to counteract the sudden, shamefully sweetening urges that glowed deliciously inside his satin panties.

"That's right, dear," smiled Nurse Andrews above him, removing her mask, "and you must feel as pretty and as frilly as you can now darling, because Nurse Pattersen has just gone to invite Master Walkman into the treatment room to see how dainty and girlish his little sissy has become."

"Oh no!" cried her little satin-dressed captive, his eyes filled with panic. "But Nurse… What do little girls do? … Am I neat and pretty enough for him?"

He tried to raise himself so as to straighten his dress or frill out his petticoats, but couldn't even move on his Nurse's knee. "There, there, little darling," she soothed, prettying his dress collar and arranging his opened petticoats into a wide rosette of white satin frills with his buttoned panties forming the lace trimmed centerpiece. "What we must do is make your girlish little mouth pretty. We must have your lips and tongue ready for your Master."

She held his cheeks in her fingers, and Peter pouted his lips for her as she smoothed glossed pink lipstick onto them to match his lovely, dangling shoes and satin hair bow.

"A good little Sissy-Girlie must practice sucking in a girlish, babyish way, Peter darling. Because girlies must know just the right way to suck their Master's big, male lollipop."
Her patient's eyes were wide with incredulity as he pursed and pouted his lips to feel the smooth delicacy of his prettily made up, glossy mouth.

"So Peterkins is going to suck first on Nurse Andrews' nice pink peeny-dummy like a good little girlie," pursued his Nurse, cupping his bobbed hair in her hand and laying him down across her lap again.

Peter was a rag doll in her hands as he lay with his arms and legs spread wide and his pretty face nervously watching the approach of the comforter with its big penis-shaped teat, fitted with a plastic saucer and ring. His moist lips parted obediently, and the end of the penis was soon enclosed within the big Sissy's soft, feminine lips. The Nurse slid it in, further, and Peter's eyes lidded with a flow of sweetness. A gurgling sound of liquid bubbled inside his satin panties, and spasms of delicious pleasure quivered through his entire body.

"That makes Peter feel very girlish, doesn't it, pet," cooed his Nurse as she gently slid the full length of the penis teat inwards and outwards in his soft, liquid lips.

"Mmm-mmmmm-uuummmm!" came the helpless reply as a dribble of sissy juice spluttered into his ribboned gossamer bag. And it was while he lay, eyes closed, with his willing mouth being softly pumped, that the treatment door quietly opened and Nurse Pattersen led Sam Walkman excitedly into the presence of his sucking Sissy.

"Why Peter, you downrite' li'l ol' honey," Sam grinned in a hoarse whisper, standing inches from the alarmed girlish face below, "I'd a' said you was gonna be PURTY, but HELL, Sweetheart, I didn't count on a PRINCESS an' all !"

Nurse Pattersen had impressed upon their guest the supreme importance of being gentle towards his very girlish and nervous new Sissy. She had made him promise no more than a whisper, and above all, no demands. He would be in the room for just ten minutes; dressed for easy access in a simple white clinic robe, and in no time at all the job would be done. Nurse Andrews in the meantime addressed herself solely to the sucking, gazing Girlie lying across her lap.

"Just see how lovely a girl feels when she is being very very pretty, darling," she smiled as her fingers fed the long pacifier in and out of his mouth in long wet slides. "And now your Master has arrived to help you to feel ESPECIALLY pretty for him this morning. Shall we take a little peep inside your frilly panties, pet, and see if you are ready to be a lovely little Sissy-Girlie for Master Walkman?"

Sam's lips quivered with fiercely restrained passion as he watched Nurse Pattersen unbuttoning the middle of his gorgeous Sissy's gleaming white panties and parting the lace-trimmed satin to reveal the upright babyish penis pointing rapturously upwards with its pink ribbon anchoring the clear plastic bag to its little knob. This unwonted exposure proved to be one embarrassment too many for the hapless Peter, for as his eyes joined everyone else's in looking down at his impotence, a sudden gush of juicing, rather more creamy than up to now, came squirting in a fan of runny droplets across the inner surface of the peeny-bag. It was accompanied by whimpers of muted surrender from the sliding penis teat, and coincided delightfully with the sudden appearance of Sam's own, solid erection which eagerly hardened another inch or two longer and slipped unaided through the slit at the front of his gown.

The coincidence was delightful since its commanding, purple knob found itself just one inch from the sliding penis-pacifier between the cherried lips of his terrified Sissy Peter. Sam looked appealingly to the seated Nurse, desperate for his time to have come; and she granted him a smiling nod.

"Come on, my Sweetums," he growled in feverish delight, as his big hands relieved nurse Andrews of supporting his precious Sissy's head. "A cute lil' gal like you should be a-suckin' THIS, ma Shiralee."

His rigid horn held itself alongside the dummy, which Nurse Andrews promptly slipped straight out of the Sissy's mouth. There was a cry of panic.

"OH MASTER WALKUMMMMMMMNNNNGGG…!" and Peter's whole mouth was filled twice as completely as before.

It was Sam who controlled him now, holding his Sissy by the hair and slowly squeezing him forward and pulling him back. The delicious mouth that held him was so blissful and warm and… affectionate as it slid wetly up and down his granite erection, humming in gagging words and occasionally choking in astonishment. The two nurses watched the reactions of their patient, and quickly exchanged a gleeful grin, for Peter Armitage very quickly closed his eyes in contented, submissive resignation, allowing himself oh so willingly to be vigorously mouth-fucked by his new Master.

"MMMMMPH MMMNNNGG NNNNNNGGG" moaned Peter as his lips and tongue pleasured Sam Walkman and more dribbles flowed into Peter's peeny-bag and Sam thrust his cock faster and faster into the sissy's slippery wet mouth and his pleasure mounted until it became just too much to bear and there were bubbling squirts of Peter's watery sissy-juice into the gossamer bag, and Sam gave a loud groan and far more substantial spurts of creamy cum burst into his sissy's choking throat, and Sam kept pumping until strings of thick spunk ran dangling from the cherry-red lips and blushing, girlish cheeks of the adorable Stepford Sissy.


Sam was still breathing heavily as he stood before Matron Wynter in her office. He was sporting a new pair of pants.

"I watched everything on my moniter Mr Walkman and you played your part perfectly," she smiled.

"He, he's a doll!" Sam grunted, "Jus' a doll!"

"Yes indeed, quite special. We have a little more training to do however. Nurse Patterson and Nurse Andrews will develope Peter's love of feminine frills and soft silky things till it becomes a complete obsession. They will also work on his tongue technique during fellatio, so that he learns to delay your orgasm for several minutes, to make it more intense. I myself like to concentrate on the other end so to speak. I have a collection of strap-on dildos to prepare his sweet rear opening for that rather- er- large penis of yours. You will be using him for fucking as well as fellatio I assume?"
"Ya darn right ah will Ma'am!" Sam blurted out.

"Excellent. His emotional development is equally important of course and now that he has his Master's pants to hold and kiss and play with every moment of the day and night your Sweetheart will becoming more and more besotted with their owner. No doubt he will ejaculate over them repeatedly as he falls deeply in love with you Mr Walkman."

Sam felt again the awesome power of these women to control the male mind and lowered his eyes to the ground.

"His greatest pleasure will be to kneel before you, unzip those flies and get to work, or to strech out in your bed and open his legs wide. I will be very surprised if the little dear won't be ready to go home with you inside a week."

Sam smacked his thigh with glee, and immediately realised the need to be more careful with his deflated prick still smarting from the glorious prolonged orgasm he had enjoyed between the lips and tongue of his new Sissyboy. He was still in whispering mode as he replied.

"Hell, Matron, that's gonna be one HELLUVA long week for poor ol' Sam Walkman. Jees' how's a guy gonna keep from doin' hiself a mischief in all that time?"

But Sam would not have to wait quite that long for his next visit to the Clinic, as things turned out, for as he clambered rather carefully into his car, the call was going out to his friend Hal Masterson to report to the Matron at 9 the following morning. The Institute nurses had made superb progress in the training of Hal's sissy Damien, and Hal's participation in his playmate's treatment was now required.

And Hal was going to invite his good pal Sam along to watch.


The whole of Prim's Stepford Sissies, (seven parts in all), are available in Prissy's Sissies; beginning in issue #22