A Suitable Boy for Treatment Pt 1
by Prissy

    Simon Phelps should never have been rude to the new neighbour. At eighteen he should have known better. The other males in the village treated Mrs Stanton with respect; you could even say they feared her, ridiculous as that might sound. Simon had not yet learned that there are some women a man should be afraid of.

If Mrs. stanton was strange, her daughter was even more so. A soppy , squeaky creature called Petula, who seemed to do nothing all day but wear one ridiculously childish outfit after another, and was always bursting into tears or having a fit of the giggles.

Actually it was Petula Simon had been rude to. She was out with her mother, dressed in one of her absurdly short skirts and some kind of cape thing, in pale blue satin, with a ruffled collar. Over her blond curls was perched a little satin hat with a huge pink bow, and on her dainty feet were white ankle socks and pink mary jane shoes with at least four inch heels.
This outfit may be all very well on a six year old little girl, except for the high heels that is, but Petula was two or three years older than Simon! Not only that, but the way the ridiculous creature simpered and squirmed about, holding on to her mother`s glove with one hand and a little silk purse with the other; the doll-like way her face was made-up, with huge eyelashes and bright red lips; well, the whole effect was guaranteed to bring out the worst in any normal boy.

He saw them in the High Street, looking in a dress shop window, and heard Mrs. Stanton say, "That will go very well with your cream, silk blouse my precious.", pointing to yet another childish skirt with shoulder straps, crossed at the back if you please! The girl gave a squeal of pleasure and went into a positive orgy of simpering.

"Oh MUMMY! YES YES! How lovely! How DIVINE! Oh I ADORE it Mummy. PLEASE buy it for me Mummy, PLEASE! oh PLEASE!"

"Oh for goodness sake, why don`t you act your age!" Simon muttered as he sauntered past the two females. He had walked on a few paces when a voice said, "Come here boy." It was not a loud voice, or in any way strident, but it was a voice Simon knew he had to obey. He should have bolted. He should have run like the wind and kept going until he was far away from Mrs. stanton and her weird daughter.
But of course he did not.

"Yeah?" he said insolently, turning round to confront them. The woman was gazing at him coldly. She snapped her fingers and pointed down at her feet.

"I said here!"

It wasn`t normal the way she looked into his eyes. All poor Simon`s youthful cockiness seemed to drain out of him at that moment. He felt a terrible weakness and even gave a pathetic little sigh of defeat. Petula was grinning.

"He is suitable isn`t he mummy? He`s just right! " she gushed gleefully, swaying from side to side so that her billowing skirt with its frothy petticoats made a loud swishy sound.

"Yes dear, I think so." replied her mother with a feint smile. Simon stood meekly at the precise point required and looked down sheepishly at Mrs Stanton`s black stilettos.

"I`ve d-done nothing wrong!" he stammered weakly.

"Oh you haven`t have you?" She lifted up his chin with a gloved finger, and that contact alone made Simon tremble with a bewildering mix of fear and excitement. "What was that remark you made to my little girl?" she demanded, looking into his eyes so deeply that he began to feel dizzy.
He no longer knew what he had said, or for that matter what day of the week it was, or even his own name. He could hear Petula speaking, as though from a long way off.

"I think He`ll be very pretty Mistress". she was saying, in a deeper, grown -up voice. "Do lets take this one."

Mrs. Stanton took from her elegant handbag a pair of lady`s panties in sheer pink nylon and held them out by the waste elastic. "Who are these for Samantha?" she asked softly.

`Samantha`, So that's my name, he thought.

"For me?" he said in a breathless whisper.

"That's right Samantha darling. Aren`t they lovely?" She held them towards his feet and stretched out the waste. Without a moments hesitation the young man stepped daintily inside and she pulled them up over his trousers.

"There! that will do till we get you home precious."

Mrs. Stanton took one hand, Petula, who had been a girl for two years now, took the other, and off they went. They took the long way to the house, so as to amuse as many women as possible with the sight of that cheeky Phelps boy wearing lady`s panties over his trousers.

Once in Julie Stanton`s house they stripped and bathed their new victim, put him properly into his pink panties and added a matching baby-doll nightee. The sudden draining of all his male strength had completely exhausted poor Simon and he fell into a deep sleep in Petula`s soft silky bed.

Julie changed into a tight calf-length skirt and even higher heels and walked the short distance to Simon`s house. The boy lived with his father, a music teacher at the local school.
She was there for two hours and left with the father`s agreement to his son being turned into a six year old little girl. The teacher had been instructed to wear a pair of Mistress Julie`s panties at all times, masturbate into them three times a day, and show her the results every Saturday morning. Grovelling at her feet, and licking her shiny black stilettos, he spurted his first tribute into her silk panties and received a severe spanking.

Mrs. Stanton returned home to find Simon sitting up in bed tearfully asking Petula what was happening.

"Where am I? I feel funny---I want to go home."

Petula had put a little makeup on his face and combed his soft brown hair into a feminine fringe, so that already he looked remarkably pretty. Still too weak to move he watched Mistress Julie and Petula getting his first treatment ready.

Petula now had a sort of parody of a nurse`s uniform on, extremely short in yellow gingham, with a not very practical little apron edged with lace, and a sweet little nurse`s cap. He gathered a pile of soft feminine clothes and put them on the bed, while Mrs.Stanton brought over a large gas cylinder, of the type used in hospitals, with tubing and a rubber mask attached, but made quite pretty with a pink satin cover and a big bow.

"Lets try the silk blouse first nurse." said Julie. The blouse, a gorgeous, delicate affair in pale peach ,with full sleeves, a deep , lace edged collar, and little pearl buttons, was held out for Simon to admire.

"There! Isn`t that divinely feminine Samantha darling?" said Mistress Julie.

"I,-- I w-want to g-go-home---"

Poor Simon stopped his whining suddenly when Mrs. Stanton stared deep into his eyes. He gave a sigh and sank down into the soft snow-white pillows. Then Julie spread the bodice of the blouse over the gas-mask and pressed it over his nose and mouth.

"Deep, deep breaths Samantha dear, breath in all that lovely feminine softnes," she said, turning on the gas. Simon struggled feebly for a few seconds and then settled into a steady , deep breathing.

"Very good dear. Can you feel the feminine silkiness soaking into your little male brain?"

As he gulped in lung-fulls of oxygen through the blouse, Simon`s eyes began to glaze over. He stared helplessly at Mrs. Stanton the way a baby looks at its mother.

Next he was "put to the skirt" as Mistress Julie expressed it, the silk blouse being replaced by a cool, pleated skirt in pale blue satin. Simon was made to absorb its femininity in the same way, with several minutes of steady deep breathing. Petula meanwhile had pulled down Simon`s panties to expose a very hard penis pressed up against his tummy. With every frantic gulp of feminised oxygen it was getting harder.

"A little girlish kiss now, Petula darling!", commanded Mistress Julie, and the well trained sissy nurse immediately pressed his red lips to the purple penis head.

"Now take it all in precious." she added. Mistress Julie was putting him to panty now; a pair of cream silk panties with deep lace frill at the legs, the gusset stretched tightly over the gas mask and pressed firmly over the boy`s face.

Simon`s "little male brain" was absorbing intense femininity from the panties and Petula could hardly get the jerking penis into his mouth. When at last it was safely inside he settled into a steady sucking motion in time to the boy`s gulping breaths.
Several more panties were applied to the mask, in soft nylons, silks and satins, all of them extremely girlish in pretty pastel shades and dripping with lacey frills and little bows. He began kicking out his legs, gulping faster and faster.

"You are becoming a girl." Mistress Julie began saying softly into his ear. "All that nasty vulgar maleness has gone. You feel dainty and gentle and delicate. Breath deeply and let all the lovely girlishness of my silky panties soak into your feeble mind."

Petula had been well trained in the feminine art of keeping a penis on the brink of erupting for many minutes with expert movements of his tongue, but there were limits. With his mouth working rapidly up and down the length of rock hard flesh, from the smooth dark head down to the neat, rather pretty testicles; and with the intense feelings produced in the victim by breathing feminised air, and hearing Mistress Julie`s soft, insistent voice, it was a hopeless struggle.

"MMMNNNNGGGG! MMMNNNPH MMNNNNPH", Simon began to splutter through the panty-covered mask, and a similar sound came from Petula as spurts of hot creamy liquid burst out of Simon`s penis and splashed hard into the throat of the sissy nurse.

"MMMMMNNNNNNNNNGGGGG AAAAAAAAAAGH!" The two feminised males cried together, while Julie gathered all the feminine clothes and smothered them over Simon`s face.

"panties, skirts, blouses, dresses, that's your life now!" she cried triumphantly, as her latest victim bucked up and down frantically on the bed, and Petula held on to the jerking penis, swallowing spurt after spurt.

At last Petula straightened up, licked his lips and beamed at his Mistress. "OOOH!-That was an awful lot Mummy."

Mrs. Stanton smiled and lifted Simon`s head onto her lap. "Yes darling, there`s always lots of cream when they`re breathing panties, as you know very well". She looked down at the exhausted boy and stroked his damp hair. "This one is going to be completely besotted with his girlie life in no time. Now lets get him dressed in something extra frilly and little girlish, shall we precious. Then you two can have a nice sissy kissing and cuddling session together.