The compelling Sissy Art and Stories of PRIM

Their Kissing Bonnets

Lesley Widebotham had never been so scared in all his twenty-two years. What were these nurses going to do to him next? They had already overpowered him and stripped him to the skin within five minutes of being handed over by his wife. What on earth was she going to think of him after they had plunged his head into that bag thing filled with women's panties... and after his sorry little penis had become so frighteningly stiff: far longer than it ever got when he was with her in bed, trying yet again to get it up.
Then the things he had heard them talking about while he was being dressed: how he was there for the 'full transformation'. Abigail wanted him sexually 'turned around', she said, and taught what he needed to know as a 'perverted sissy slut'. And the clothes they had put him into! A satin, bra and pantie teddy, dripping with lace, with knee high nylons, all lacy and pretty, and to cap it all, a pair of peep-toed, white strappy high heels. They had turned him into a girl... in front of his own bride. No wonder she had turned her back on him when he begged her not to leave him. His own Abi had walked out as he cried after her, losing his voice in his desperation. How his tears had flooded down his teddy when the nurses half-dragged, half-carried him into the preparation rooms, fastened him into a medical chair and gave him those jabs. Somehow he knew the world was never going to be the same again, even before the mask covered his face and he smelt that perfume getting stronger and more feminine until it closed his eyes and he dreamed.

Why did he dream that his breasts were growing, that his legs were weakening into lovely shapes, and that his penis, which had failed him so often was erecting into a feminine finger that he could... oh no, it wasn't possible... that he could point towards all the other stiff 'feminine fingers' of several other feminised men dressed as little girls too. He reached an orgasm in his dream. He thought he had another. Then another, very intense one when he met a particularly lovely sissy in a short pink dress and they began kissing.... He woke up, so wanting to meet that sissy again... to point his 'finger' towards his, under their delicious frilly petticoats.

Instead, he found himself hanging in a silk hammock thing, surrounded by nurses. The youngest nurses he had ever seen, grinning at him.
"Are you back with us, Mister Widebotham? Have you been having lovely girly dreams dressed in girls' panties and petticoats? You're going to have lots more, duckie," and their fingers clenched his penis and testes and worked away at them, while another nurse had her finger shamefully up his bottom. Two other nurses had his breasts and tits in their hands, stimulating those gooey feelings through his...

Hey, wait... I haven't got breasts! Oh no! No, it couldn't be true! He did have breasts, suddenly developed on his chest and thrilling him with quivers of sensuality as his nipples were gently squeased. The realisation flooded him with a rich sense of girlish pleasure, running through his breasts, his penis, his anus... Ohhh he felt so ashamed of what they were doing to him, but still his pleasure spurted into their hands from his rampant, willing penis. This was so exciting, horrifying though it was. He had breasts! And fingers up his secret passage!
"Ohhhh, you're liking being a girl, aren't you, Mr Widebotham?" said the grinning nurse who had most of his penis in her hand along with her two colleagues: working at his shaft, holding and pleasuring him in their fingers as they all giggled together and mocked him for his complete lack of manly qualities.

From there he was carried along a corridor to another room - a school room, with desks facing each other in a circle, their occupants looking like frightful caricatures of girlishness. He was planted in a kind of play pen, barely wide enough to surround him up to his breasts with plastic bars, so that he was kept in place. He couldn't have got out anyway, with four busty nurses undressing him through the bars and preparing him to join the proceedings.

In no time he was being dropped from above into the only desk without an occupant, as though it had been waiting for him. He got a shock: instead of the seat he was expecting, he landed in the gusset of a pair of rubber panties, which sagged to take his weight while clutching him in rings of elastic round his legs. Everyone else was dressed like him, in a school uniform: a crisp, short-sleeved blouse - his was primrose yellow - and pale honey nylons held up by a suspender belt with satiny garters, covered in a flimsy, see-thru panty in dainty white nylon. Also like everyone else, his penis was stretched to the limit.

"We all know Sissy Lesley likes his blouse and his panties," smirked the nurse in charge. Unlike the nurses who had handled him so far, she was at least 40 and wore a tight nursing uniform in jade green rubber, with a white rubber apron buttoned to it, with starched collar and cuffs and a tall pointed nursing cap. The nurses addressed her as 'Matron'.
"Lesly is losing his sex with us, my dears, just like the rest of you. You will all become utterly unsexed, effeminate changelings, fit for nothing but to fall in love with the sissy of your dreams."

The sissies to Lesley's right and left began to cry, rubbing their eyes and stretching their legs out from under their desks. He soon saw that their bottoms and cocks were contained in rubber panties like his, all of them transparent and all of them showing extreme erections.

"That's because becoming a girl is what you really want, isn't it, dearies? You were all such pathetic failures as men. You want Matron to dress you in little girls' dresses and lovely frilly bonnets to match those precious, wimpy feelings of dressiness that you love. Well I'm going to dress you, my little sweeties, but only when you really fall in love with another sissy girly. Then we can move you on to your next stage of development. Isn't that simple?"

An outburst of bleating and begging broke out. "I want to be dressed, Matron... please!" "And I do... I'm in love, Matron... with sissy Simon over there. Can't we sit together, in the same desk?"
"All in good time my dears," sang Matron with a broad smile; "you don't love him enough yet. You have to be head over heels in love with your sissy sweetheart, and anyway, you aren't nearly girly enough yet." The watching nurses laughed, some of them bending down to taunt a sissy with his weakness and how he was changing over from boy to girl. There was one sissy whom Lesley couldn't take his eyes off, wearing a lovely pink blouse with a rose at the front of his collar which made the underneath of his soft chin shine a lustrous pink. Lesley couldn't take his eyes off the pale pink plastic panties at the tops of those outstretched legs, for they were filled, right up under his desk, by the most beautiful stiff penis he had ever seen. His eyes returned to the sissy's lovely face above, and as before, he found them riveted on himself.

His heart leapt in his blouse. This was so unlike anything he had ever felt. He recalled the blissful dreams of that morning with his nurses. He was sure he could see passionate interest... deep emotion, in those eyes, and without realising it, his own legs stretched as far towards this sissy as they would reach, and separated themselves out wide, to force his penis filled panties towards his new love.
He became vaguely aware of the nurse beside him, her perfume softening him into lovely feelings of delicacy. "Are you feeling extra girly in front of Ainsley, my darling? Would you like to move a little bit closer to him?"

'Ainsley'. How lovely. What a girlish sissy he was. But the sissy boy of his dreams had another nurse bending over him, whispering.
Lesley felt jealous. He didn't want Ainsley listening to a nurse, or anyone else. He wanted him to keep looking at him like that, for he knew attraction when he saw it, and he ached to return it in deep measure.

His desk was moving, wheeled forward, but not towards his darling! In another direction altogether, out of the schoolroom and into a side room, where they were joined by Matron.
"So, Master Lesley... you fancy Master Ainsley Loveykins, do you? How convenient, since both your wives want the same thing: a sexless sissy husband converted into a sissy-loving pervert. Bring me the other one as well girls."

The door opened and Ainsley was wheeled into the room, his lips trembling, his legs outstretched and his penis as rampant as could be. Matron made two phone calls.

"All right, Miss Widebotham, I shall proceed with his conversion."
Very good, Miss Loveykins, he will become besotted with the deeply sissified Lesley Widebotham."
As she clicked off her phone, she gave the order to her nurses. "Put them into their short cuddle dresses and bring them to my procedure room. I'll have them bonneted before putting them into the cuddle-cumming panty-harness.

As soon as the two dewey-eyes sissies were in short, frilly petticoats and adorned with lovely silk dresses, there was no need any longer for guardian nurses.
"I dont think you will be running off, will you, Ainsley? Oh no... you don't want to go anywhere without your darling little girly-girl Lesley. Let me put this ribbon round this bi-i-ig, long clitoris for you, and then link it beautifully to yours, sissy Lesley. There, now neither of you can go anywhere without the other."

Their bonnets came next. A lovely pink one for Lesley and a blue one for Ainsley to match his precious dress. No wonder their penises were so stiff, beneath such darling, little girls' dresses and with their faces surrounded with white latex inside their silk bonnets. The boys interlaced their fingers... and pressed their dresses together so that their penises kissed most gently.

"Come along now, sweeties," said Matron, now that the sweethearts were standing so close to each other. She held the latex inner hood of Ainsley's bonnet and drew Lesley's latex to meet it. The zipper catch connected and started to slide up their cheeks.
"Lips very close for me, boys... like that." Her fingers took it to the top, and when she came round to their other side, their lips were already pressed together as she drew it down again to close them in at their rippling chins.
There were moans and wimpers of bliss from within the silk bonnets. "Nice sissy kisses, darlings, in the intimacy of your sweetheart bonnets. I'm going to put you into your pantie harness, then call your wives to come and see how well you are progressing towards complete, sissy perversion".