The Art of Penelope Pencil Penis
with storyette by Prim

Little Dresses for Girly Lodgers.

 "Drink up, Mr Edging. I didn't make coffee for it to go cold." Allison Fullweight was clearly a pushy woman to have as a landlady as well as a tower of strength, with breasts and thighs that would stand in the face of a hurricane. But Cecil Edging was in dire need of a roof over his head while he was working in the big city. He gulped his coffee and gulped again. The warm sweetness appealed to something in his inner self, so he drained the cup. "Th-Thank you, Mrs Fullweight. That was nice."
"You can pay your rent directly into my account, Mr Edging, and I will provide your meals. I don't want you straying away from what I intend for you." She looked hard at him, the dressmaker's tape measure round her neck hanging in thin air from her huge tits. "I will see to your clothing as well. As you can see, I sew a lot."
His eyes ranged along the row of girls' clothes hanging high on the wall from one corner of her workroom to the other, while two tailors mannequins carried pretty dresses in different stages of completion. Cecil Edging made a sudden decision to comment on them.
"I can see you make very good clothes, M-Mrs Fullweight... but I hardly think you can make me a girls' dress. Ha-ha."
His attempt at a joke brought a smile from his landlady, which lifted a weight from his mind. She was happy to have him stay in the room upstairs. Her voice was smooth and encouraging... almost friendly.
"I can see that you want to talk about girls' dresses, Mr Edging. Since you are a tenant in my house, I have no objection to you watching me as I'm making up dresses. You can have a chair opposite my work table and see each new little dress taking shape."
A warm, rosy feeling spread through Cecil Edging like the swell of a wave. A very pleasant feeling in which he didn't really have full control over what he did or said. "Please can I have a chair to sit on, Mrs Fullweight. I want to watch."
"Of course you do dear. While you are watching, you can have a pretty girls dress across your lap for you to feel how nice it is." The young man's rosiness flooded again. It was like a beautiful dream and he didn't want to wake up. "I'm taking off your clothes, Mr Edging... so that the sweetness of the dress spreads across your legs... and here, around your hips and down into your little penis. Girls' dresses are lovely, aren't they?"
"Oh yessss... love... erlyyyyy."
Miss Fullweight finished by removing his shoes and socks, then spread the puffed sleeves across his bare chest and flounced out the tiers of the silk organza skirt. "Let's put these panties on you, Mr Edging. They are girls' panties, just right for looking at girls' dresses."
What was coming over him? He allowed her to slip them over each foot and draw them up his legs. The smoothness of the panty silk made him wilt with weakness. His eyes gazed down at the pink floral panty as she held the dress to one side and threaded it up to his thighs. "Up," she ordered, and he held onto his dress and stood up for her to smoothe his panties round his bottom. A glow of precious blissfulness filled his abdomen: he knew it came from the beautiful panty he was wearing so that he could look at dresses. His eyes were in a haze of pink prettiness as his busty landlady stooped at his feet and fitted him with girls' white ankle socks and pink Mary Janes.
"I want you in this Pretty Polly blouse, Mr Edging. All my girls wear a Pretty Polly when they are choosing which dress they will wear. Arms in here... good. Now you are as sweet as a girl, and ready to come with me into the girly wardrobe room."
Something niggled at the back of his mind... should he be so willing to be like a girl? His blouse was pink... with a pleated frill round his neck and lovely full sleeves. So adorable. No wonder he felt so happy to be a girl now, with the waist of his panties pulled up over his blouse. He held Miss Fullweight's hand as they crossed the room, leaving his lovely dress on the settee. As she opened the door, the sound of an excited voice reached his ears, in an outpouring of deep, barely controlled emotion.
"Here we are in the girls' wardrobe room, Mr Edging, and I see Miss Garters has put Mr Frilloughby into his dress bonnet. Look at how excited he is to have a girls' dress over his face."
Cecil Edging caught his breath, his free wrist turning outwards at his thigh in a most girlish pose. "Wh-What is he doing?" he blurted out, thrilled at the picture of girlishness he saw. Another young man was in a blouse and panties, fastened onto a chair in a girls' pretty ankle socks and shoes, only the blouse he was wearing had a heart-melting bow at the neck. Even more rapturous was the cute dress that enclosed his head in pink floral material. Ohhhh, it had the most darling puffed sleeves and a wide pink collar edged round with a frill, and it was filled with petticoats, as he could tell by the way its pleats sizzled and slid in soft shapes around Mr Frilloughby's head.
"You want to sit down in your blouse and panties, don't you, Mr Edging? So you can watch obediently."He whimpered and sat. She passed a cord under the seat of his chair and fastened his wrists to each other so that they were out of the way. His penis ached with desire... wanting that dress. Wanting to put his head under its soft feminine cloud of petticoats.
"Girlie dress... Ohhhh, my darling little dress. I want to be dressed in you... I want to be in my dress." The other young man's stream of desire was only interrupted by moans of passion as the chair opposite rocked with the passion of its occupant.
"All in good time, Frilloughby... when Miss Garters thinks you are sufficiently in love with girlishness." A snap of contempt had crept into her voice. "You are not desiring your darling little dress anything like enough: where's your girlish eagerness to look pretty?" She snatched up a crook handled cane and lashed three or four strokes across his unprotected legs.
"Ohhh... Ouch!... Oh my dress!... I love it... I want you to dress me in it, Miss Fullweight... pleeeeeeeeeeeease!"
Another cut of the cane. "That's better, Satin Frilloughby, you girlie little wimp."
She turned to the horrified Cecil Edging. "Now, my dear Mr Edging, it's time for your dress treatment." From one of the nearby wardrobes she selected a hanger, and a moment later she had it hooked over a string from the ceiling. The astonished new tenant found himself faced with a very pretty, very young girls' billowing, short, party dress.
His penis tried to force itself through the gusset of his panties. He wanted the lemon satin, the puff-ball sleeves, the lovely collar and the sweet buttoned bib. He wanted it more than any girl would want it. Miss Fullweight stood glowering down at him.
"Well, Mr Edging... Mr LACY edging... I can see you're as much a pervert as our silky, dress-loving pansy over there... aren't you?"
"Oh no, ma'am... I mean, I just want to wear the little dress. I..."
"Oh you're going to wear it all right, you WORM. You're going to FUCK it, you sexless creep. We're going to keep you in dresses, the two of you, and you're going to make love to them, because that's what you want, isn't it? I'm going to bonnet you inside your dress, Lacy Edging, like your petticoat-loving sissy friend over there." She lifted the petticoat silk, spread it wide enough to encase him, and lowered the dress onto his shoulders.
"Oh no, I... Ohhhh.... Ohhhhhhhhhh!"
Mr Edging's panties could contain his excitement no longer. His penis started to throb and jerk, reaching and longing, until the spurts of sissy cream forced their way out, then ran in a creamy dribble, then the rest squirted straight out in front of his blouse. Opposite him the effect of enclosure in a girls' dress was doing the same for Satin Frilloughby and the two lodgers gasped and shook and ejaculated together while Miss Garters and Miss Fullweight smiled with satisfaction.