Issue #14 of PPP will be online July 4th

Boys, give in to your Feminine Feelings!

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email Prim:

The Legendary sissy artist and writer Prim
now has his own on-line magazine for submissive, effeminate sissies,
available only from here, the Prissys Sissies website.
Hello my Dear Girlie Boys

"My name is Susan Frocks, and I'm Prim's Aunt. I know many of you will have enjoyed the little scamp's naughty art and stories here on Prissy's site and elsewhere. Together Primmy and I have created a new section on the Prissy's Sissies website, for boys who need to feel frilly and effeminate and to dress in darling little dresses, and soft, girlish things.
It was thanks to me that Primmy became addicted to ladies' skirts, blouses and panties. We have a little routine when I telephone and summon him to my house: he has to come to me wearing one of his little dress costumes, to beg sweetly if he can visit our online Petticoat Pansies. We enter the website, find something nice to read, and I arrange his clothing so that his area of excitement is accessible. The little poppet loves me to wear my satin opera gloves and use a pair of my panties to help him ejaculate his useless male cream.
Finally he will ask me to feminise him even more. I may change him into a nicer little-girl party frock with more frills and lace, or put him in a tight corset with sheer nylon stockings, a sheer negligee and spikey high heels, and he must sit with me in front of my very large open wardrobe. We talk about my clothes while I keep his pretty member upright between his widely parted legs. I like to use this method of Mistress/Submissive bonding, so that Primmy remembers how indebted he is to his aunt for his ever increasing need to be feminine in silky frills."
Mummies, aunts and (polite) sissies, write to me here:
A star letter wins free access to that issue! Can you write
an exciting sissy story (over 2000 wds)? Each one published wins TWO issues of
Prim's Petticoat Pansies.

From Issue #11 each issue of Prim's Petticoat Pansies includes:
THREE NEW exciting sissy stories by Prim( 5000 wds approx)
PLUS FIVE NEW, all colour drawings by Prim, each with its own storyette
PLUS new, unpublished drawings by Prissy, Penelope, Silk, Vancy and Satyn
with Re-vamped drawings by Curtus and Barabara-Jean, all with Prim storyettes.




Penelope Pinprick


Silk Sissigan


and of course PRIM
Also in every issue:
Aunt Frocks Baby Room (for very 'young' sissies)
Readers Letters (Confessing all to Aunt Frocks)
and'Sweetheart Styles', Aunt Frocks choice of Costumes for very feminine, Dainty Boys

Prim will write and illustrate a story to suit your private sissy dreams.
How frustrating it can be for a story to include aspects of sissy crossdressing that you love, only to find that it wanders away and fails to excite you as deeply as you were hoping.
Maybe your sissy feelings depend on little pleated skirts, almost exclusively; or perhaps what you need in a story is to be held with your face between your Mistress's legs inside her rubber panties. After discussing your fetish favourites and special fantasies by email, Prim will draw and write a story just for you.
A - in the full story format of 5,000 words with one picture, (chapter 5 of The Stepford Sissies is 6,100 words long.)
B - the short illustrated episode style, like the adventures of Johnny.
In both cases, stories could have a continuation if you are pleased with the outcome.
For price quotations, mail Prim at:
Your pleasure is my aim.

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Issues 1-10 cost $16.25 each
Issues 11 onwards cost $17.95 each

Prim's Petticoat Pansies is NOT a monthly subscription site. These are ONE-TIME payments, NOT recurring charges on your credit card. The material remains available online for 30 days and everything can be downloaded to your own computer.
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