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Oh! Stories by Prissy
In Prissy`s Stories young men exist only for the Amusement of Dominant Women! The fools are forced to be little girls, endlessly smothered in silky panties, lacy petticoats and frilly, pink dresses...
A Sissy Fashion Show
A Suitable Boy for Treatment

Or even more frilly and helpless creatures who wriggle and squirm for Mummy and her friends dressed in gorgeous, flouncy Baby Dresses!...
Mrs Lacewell`s Baby
Smothered in Frillies

We have many stories by guest writers

Here is a Complete LIST of all our Stories

Here is a short sample from Flossie, one of our frequent contributors:
Introducing Madam Domworthy

and here is a short sample from the incomparable Prim:
the Dressmore Society

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Do you need to feel dainty, pretty and feminine?
Then you can receive on-line now all the girlie inspiration your little sissy heart desires! Each issue of Prissy`s Sissies costs $17.95 and contains:
  • Seven of Prissy's all colour Sissy Drawings (each with its own mini-story)
  • An Animated Prissy drawing
  • Exciting full-length Sissy Stories by Prissy and other superb writers
  • Letters to Mummy Blousewell: readers own frilly fantasy stories, confessions, art and photos
  • The Nursery: A special page for vewy ickel girlies to read while wriggling on Mummy's lap.
  • From issue #22 onward Prim's Page: sissy art and stories by the master of frilly humiliation.
  • From issue #42 onward The Curtus Boys two drawings with captions by the very popular sissy artist Curtus
  • From issue #64 onwards The Art of Morpheus fabulous images from this Brazilian master.
  • Frequent contributions from: Penelope Pinprick, Lucy Fairfax, Felicia Fussyfrocks, karlie, sissy dani, Satyn and others

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    Strict Mistress sex fetish Control for submissive sissy transvestites, effeminate pansy boys, Male Maids, frilly pantywaist She-males, girlie Adult Babies and ALL weak-willed crossdressing men FORCED by DOMINANT WOMEN to wear soft flouncy dresses, frou-frou petticoats, frilly silk panties and sweet pink buttons and bows.

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