Write to Mommy
Write to me Girl! The pay site has a Letters Page where readers share their sissy fantasies, photos and naughty cofessions with the other girls, but you don`t have to buy an issue to contribute.
I love to read letters from special girls and I know you love to read about the feminine feelings of other sissies.
So when you're being extra frilly and dainty in a pretty dress and silk lingerie, why not write to me,
Mummy Blousewell, and tell me all about it? Send me your girly experiences, your naughty fantasy stories and artwork and, if you're very pretty, some nice jpg photos in your best frock.
Sorry, I can not enter into correspondence, but I`ll be your Sissy School Mistress and select the letters for inclusion in future issues.
The sender of a story or set of photos we publish will be given FREE ACCESS to that issue of Prissy`s Sissies.
And we have regular Story Competitions where you get the chance to win 3 issues!
Hope to be hearing from you
Hugs and kisses from