Introducing Madame Domworthy   by flossie

  Madame Domworthy watched the scene before her with a disdainful smile. Madame was an imposing woman who had devoted forty years to keeping males in their proper place. In doing so she had carefully perfected her image to produce a sensual ripeness that captivated her charges and made them drool with submissive longing.

  She both aroused the pathetic fools to heart-thumping excitement and made them aware how utterly beneath her they were.

  Her make-up and coiffure were sexily severe and her attire augmented her feminine charms. In this instance she wore shimmering black rubber from neck to ankle. The rippling material oozed authority, and was easy to wipe clean should any of her perverted sluts have one of their frequent little 'accidents'.

  Her boots had just high enough heels to make her look even more imposingly dominant but still be comfortable. Pencil thin ultra high heel were for the sissies. Let them teeter and totter in discomfort for her pleasure.

  Madame Domworthy smoked easily as she tapped her quirt against her calf in time to the rhyme chanted by her two, current, favourite sissies, restrictively clad in rubber, leashed and tethered on either side of her.

  Ring a, Ring a Sissies,
Clitties full of Prickies,
A Fuck You, A Fuck You,
The Sissies Go Round.

  Before them a ring of sissies dressed in restrictive flouncy and fluffy materials, decorated with dyed coiffures, little bonnets, satin ribbon, bows and frills, danced in ballet heeled footwear in time to the rhyme.

  In the center of the ring the Chosen Sissy, dressed in a pink frilly baby doll nightee was trussed up and bent over with his legs kept wide apart by a steel rod.

  On hearing the fourth line of the nursery rhyme whichever sissy in the ring found himself next to the Chosen Sissy`s bottom thrust his erect penis into the victim`s feminised opening.

  All the sissies were fitted with spurtcocks to keep them at maximum stimulation. From each sissy`s wrists coloured ribbons were attached to a metal rod set across a bulb that protruded from his wantonly lipsticked mouth. As the creatures thrust and wriggled the ribbons tightened and depressed the bulb, causing a creamy liquid containing concentrated sexual enhancer to squirt down the penis gag which forced their mouths open.

  The enhancer ensured that the feminised pricks of the sissy dancers and their victim were constantly hard and throbbing even after several ejaculations.

  When the little game was completed, dependent on the amount of the enhancer used but in this case after two hours, the sissies were exhausted and compliant enough to be passed over to any of the watching ladies who wanted them.

  The most flaccid of the survivors were taken upstairs to the Pink Pansy Nursery for use as 'Bedtime Dollies' by Madame Domworthy's paying Adult Baby guests.