Drawing Room Sissy
"Peter, turn off your computer. I want to talk to you."
"But Stepmother, I..." Peter found his computer turned off at the wall, losing him an hour's worth of Bastard Wars. He was not amused.

  "Your days of idling on your bed are over, my boy. I've made arrangements that will make you a more acceptable stepson to me. You are going to have lessons in Drawing Room Behaviour and your first lesson will be with Miss Meltsworth this evening at 6 o'clock. I will take you there myself."
Adrienne Gross swept out of Peter's bedroom in a sizzle of taffeta and slammed the door behind her. This 'drawing room behaviour' was evidently important to his stepmother.

  They arrived at Miss Meltsworth's house five minutes before six and Peter was marched up the path. "This is a pain in the arse, Stepmother," he declared as the path wound deeper into the rhododendron bushes so that the sounds of civilisation disappeared into the summer evening. "I finished my school life a month ago. What the hell am I supposed to be learning in this place?"

  His stepmother looked straight ahead as she walked. She was thinking of the recent edition of Forceful Wives Weekly magazine, which explained how the well-to-do women of Stepforth Hamlets appreciate the improvement in their sons, nephews and husbands who have passed through the hands of this 'phenomenal' woman and her able assistant, Miss Slight.

  As they approached the house, the front door opened and two women began to descend the steps towards them, arm in arm. But were they both women? Perhaps the five o'clock shadow on the chin of one gave him away, even though his mincing progress was governed by the pencil skirt of his aubergine taffeta cocktail dress. One of his white satin opera gloves was linked through the arm of the highly satisfied woman at his side.

  "Darling," he was saying in a honeyed voice, eager to please, "shall we call in on Beverley and Gretel on the way home? I know how you like them to spend the evening with us."
"If you say so, dear," returned his wife. "We can sit together in the drawing room and you can show us what you have learnt today."

  Adrienne turned to her stepson, half expecting him to turn and run.
"Weird," Peter said with a shake of the head.

  Miss Meltsworth was standing at the door in a crisp white blouse and a straight skirt. She calmly overruled his stepmother's wish to stay. "His lesson will be over in two hours. You can return then Adrienne."

  Her voice had a soft, resonating ring to it that seemed to make complete sense. Of course, thought Adrienne, I'll return then... and as Miss Meltworth took her stepson's hand she turned and went.

  "Well, Peter," declared the drawing room teacher as she walked alongside him into her drawing room, "you look tired and uncomfortable. I think I had better help you to relax while you are in my home. I'll take your denim jacket... thank you... and you'll feel better without your jeans... Good boy. Now your tee-shirt... your sneakers... and socks". Peter found himself doing everything she asked without hesitation. "There, doesn't that feel better already? This is Miss Slight. She's going to make you feel lovely."

  Miss Slight had short blond hair and was 46 years old, and Peter was so pleased that he was naked when he met her. It gave him a warm feeling of pleasing two ladies at once. Miss Slight said, "Now we will dess you as we like young men to be".

  It wasn't long before he was wearing a loose, short sleeved blouse of hers in brightly coloured floral georgette, and a pair of beige velvet pants, lined beautifully with silk. His penis pushed eagerly into their gusset, forming a point of velvet, and Miss Meltsworth held the point of his pants in her fingers as she spoke to him.

  "When you are sitting with ladies in the drawing room," she explained, "you must be sensitive and delicate, like a girl. Miss Slight and I want you to be girlish and effeminate."

  Peter's penis extended stiffly in her fingers in a slide of silk lining. Thank goodness his mates at the snooker club couldn't see him now.

  "You owe it to the ladies to look pretty," went on Miss Meltsworth, "and more importantly, you must feel pretty too. Miss Slight and I will make you to feel pretty and dainty, like a very sweet little girl."

  The hair stood out on the back of Peter's neck but he did not really want to go home. Surely Miss Meltsworth was right. It was his duty to be girlish when he was sitting with the ladies.

  Still gently fondling his penis in the silk lined pants she continued, "So we're going to teach you to be good and effeminate in the drawing room, Peter."

  His penis remained stiff all the way through having his hair washed and trimmed and blow dried, because as Miss Slight did his hair, Miss Meltsworth held his peeny through the nylon salon cape. Then it was stiff while he was having his facial, because his velvet pants were removed and he wore exquisite silk Vanity Fayre panties while Miss Meltsworth fondled him. And finally he felt wonderfully sweet as Miss Slight dressed him for the drawing room. He wore a white silk blouse with a picture collar and pink satin sissy shorts which buttoned from under his crotch up to his waist. The ladies led him to the drawing room settee and sat him down between them.

  A flood of emotions swept over him. "Oh ladies, do you... do you like my lovely clothes?"

  Both ladies kissed his cheeks and assured him that they did.

  "I... I want you to fuss my darling blouse," he whispered, "and make it more pretty for me."

  The ladies tucked the edges of his wide collar and fondled the little blouse buttons with their finger tips.

  "Oh! Ohhhhhhh! How lovely," he whimpered. "But ladies... please, please will you make me feel like a girrrrl."

  A shiver of ecstasy ran through him as the ladies eagerly agreed. Miss Slight held his hands out of the way, while Miss Meltsworth undid his pretty shorts buttons and pulled down his panties to bring his erect, helpless little peeny into the open.

  "For the second hour of your lesson we're going to teach you how to feel very feminine, Peter darling," said Miss Meltsworth, " Think about how this is your lovely little clittie, and we are going to play with it until it squirts several times. Only pretty and girlish boys have so much pleasure."

  When Adrienne collected him at 8 o'clock, a very weak Peter had a special request. "S-Stepmother," he asked, "please could we call on Aunt Gertrude and Aunt Janice, so that we can sit in their drawing room? And please... may I sit between them in my girly blouse and panties?"