The Curtus Boys
with storyette by Prim

His First Rubber Panties
Samantha-Jean Hardcastle could do without her husband's wheedling while she had him in the shopping mall.
"If you don't shuttup, your pacifier is going in. Then you'll look even more like a baby."Meredith squeezed his knees together. He just had to get his wife to listen. "But darling I... I must get to a toilet or I'll..."
"Or you'll what?" She had a sour lemon face as she looked him in the eyes. "Give me your bag."
Her husband almost hesitated but thought better of it. He handed her his pink patent purse. She took out his pacifier with its ribbons and gave it back to him. "Open! I did warn you."
A couple of young women were standing watching, their faces scarcely believing what they saw: a fully grown man, presumably this woman's husband, wearing a babyish jacket and skirt set, with lacy white frills peeping from beneath the short coatee, and a pair of white panties stretched over a bulky diaper.
His wife slotted the pacifier inside the high collar of his pink-on-pink sissy set, then turned him to face them as she drew the ribbons together at the back of his hair and did them into a bow. He managed some whimpers of desperation through his teat and pressed his thighs even closer to prevent an 'accident'.
Luckily they were outside a store with a window filled with white lingerie and foundation wear. Samantha-Jean turned her husband towards the open door and propelled him all the way to the serving counter.
"Do you do rubber knickers?" she enquired. "My husband needs a pair urgently."
Mrs Sniggering was in charge of Ladies' Necessities today. Her eyes went from Samantha-Jean to her babysissy husband and back again with her tongue in her cheek. "We do, madame. Excuse me, but I am training our young apprentice. Kerry-Anne, watch and listen, and you will learn about serving males."
Her pretty teenage assistant's eyes were like saucers and her mouth hung open as the woman customer threaded her husband's panties off his diaper and pulled them down his legs.
"That's quite a bulky diaper you've got him in, madame," went on Mrs Sniggering, studying the white terry towel diaper that showed under the pleats of his little skirt. "We'll have to consider some different styles, I think."
"That would be helpful." Samantha-Jean lifted the front of his skirt to show how much diaper needed covering. "He's pretending he's nearly wetting himself, so I suppose I'd better be safe than sorry."Mrs Sniggering put two boxes of panties on the counter and her teenage assistant brought up two more. They soon had an assorted spread of rubber panties over every part of the surface.
"These white latex panties with rhumba ruffles round the buttocks look like they might suit him," she said. Her lips curled in a controlled smile. "He looks the sort of husband who suits girlish ruffles and frills."
"Yes, I prefer to keep him in pretty clothes. I see you have different colours. May I hold those lemon panties up against him? Turn round, Meredith."
The husband closed his eyes in humiliation and turned round finding himself facing four or five spectators, all of them women. His wife held the rubber pants to his back to consider how the ruffles would look.
"Hmm. But are they thick enough to keep him contained? Sometimes he disgraces himself in the most embarrassing of situations. Only yesterday he wee-ed his panties on the settee at my mother's house. Luckily she had him sitting on a rubber sheet."
The girl assistant spluttered a laugh into her fingers, and Samantha-Jean felt the need to assure her it was true. "So today I have had to put him in double diapers. If you have double strength rubber panties, a larger size but doubly secure, that would be ideal."
Mrs Sniggering felt she had what was needed. "These Safe'n'Smooth rubbers will cope with a really good soaking," she said. "Lady customers who have incontinence troubles find them very reliable." She stretched a pair wide in pink moulded rubber, demonstrating how the ruffled leg elastics would grip securely round the sissy's legs.
"Your husband would be safely watertight in these panties, madame, even without his diapers. And they're pretty too. I would recommend these for him."
Samantha-Jean held them against her husband's skirt and diaper and could picture them encasing everything. "I'll take them," she said. "In fact, I had better take three. No need to wrap them... he'll wear them now."
Kerry-Anne found her tongue. "You mean, he's going to wear three pairs of rubber panties, one over the other?"
"Yes, I don't want him having an accident in the mall. But perhaps you could help me get the fool into them?"
The girl approached cautiously, perhaps expecting a violent reaction, but the prettily dressed and pacified male was too concerned with his approaching urine to resist. He was dressed in a pink pair first, then Kerry-Anne pulled a white pair up his legs, slithering it into place over the pink, and Mrs Sniggering gave her the third pair as well, in baby blue. There were whimpers from the pacifier as Meredith held his bag in front of his skirt in tight fists of desperation.
"I think your husband may be going to christen his new panties sooner than we expected," said Mrs Sniggering, completing the sale and returning pairs of panties into their boxes.
"I hope no..." Samantha-Jean leaned her skirt back onto the counter and watched, alongside both assistants, while five women watched him from the other side. Meredith Hardcastle hung his head with closed eyes and adjusted his sandals so that his feet were wide apart. The collar of his pink coatee bobbed in time with the deperate sucking of his pacifier, and a clear hiss of urine came from the well covered diaper. It lasted a long time. A minute. By which time the rubber panties were stretched to twice the size with sodden diapers hanging rather deeper between his legs than they had been when they arrived. One of the watching women, perhaps in her sixties, bent forward to examine his bare legs, then stood straight with a smile.
"Not a single drop has escaped," she said. "I use these myself and was going to recommend them to you, my dear. And so pretty, don't you think? You can keep him in these pretty rubber panties for complete safety."
Samantha-Jean was pleased. "Come on," she said, turning her wide-legged husband to face the door. "We've got a lot of shopping to do. You'll have to wait til we get home before you can be changed."