Prissy's Sissies
Girlie Thrills in Feminine Frills

Mummy Blousewell Hello my dears. You may call me Mummy Blousewell. I am one of those women who understand your need to be soft and feminine.
  • Some young men like to dress in silk lingerie and a revealing mini-skirt to mince around in stockings and spiky high-heels.
  • Some like to wriggle and pout in a pink satin `little girl` party frock, with frothy petticoats, lacy ankle socks and sweet Mary-Jane shoes.
  • And some naughty boys need to squirm and dribble on Mummy`s lap, smothered in a gorgeous ickel diddums baby dress!
Stop fighting it Sissy Boy! Let the delicious pleasure of girlie feelings take over your little male brain.

Prissy's Sissies is an on-line magazine containing Art and Stories (by Prissy and others) plus Letters and Photos all about Strict Sissy Training Fetish Control and Female Domination for submissive transvestites, effeminate pansy boys, Male Maids and their Mistresses, frilly pantywaist She-males, girlie Adult Babies and ALL weak-willed crossdressing men FORCED by High-heeled Ladies to wear soft flouncy dresses, frou-frou petticoats, frilly silk panties and sweet pink buttons and bows.
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