Smothered in Frillies
by Prissy

    A young man walked up and down the street three times, looking furtively at one particular house, but without finding the courage to push open the ironwork gate with the word "Playpen" on the brass plate. Taking a folded magazine from his coat pocket he read one of the advertisements in the `Personal Services` column for the hundredth time that day.

"Is the stress and strain of the grown up world getting you down? Why not return to happy carefree babyhood?
A warm- hearted woman is waiting to be your very special Mummy !"

The young man's heart began to beat faster and this time he walked determinedly up the garden path and rang the bell. To his surprise the door was opened by a pretty young girl of about eighteen, wearing a tee-shirt and mini skirt, who stood waiting for him to speak.

"Yes? Have you come to see Mrs Proudfoot?" she said at last.

"Er-yes. My name is Arnold. I spoke to Mrs Proudfoot on the telephone yesterday," he said weakly, feeling his cheeks turn bright red.

"Ah yes, she's expecting you. Come inside dear," said the girl with a bright smile.

Arnold had never been called `dear` by a girl ten years his junior before! She showed him into a pleasant sunlit room with flowers everywhere and pictures of fluffy little kittens on the wall.

"I'm Penny, by the way, Mrs Proudfoot's daughter," she said. "Do make yourself comfortable." Arnold sat awkwardly on the edge of the huge sofa and looked sheepishly down at the carpet.

"Did you see the advertisement in 'Frilly Boy` ?" asked the girl with a wicked grin. The man stiffened and turned redder.

"N-no What's that?"

"Its the magazine for Adult Babies sticking out of your coat pocket dear!"
The girl covered her mouth with her hand and giggled at his embarrassment.

"Aren't I awful! Don`t mind my teasing dear, I know all about men like you. Mother has lots round here and I often help her with them - if I like the look of them that is.
The man was squirming in his seat and suddenly looked up at the shameless girl.

"I-I just like dressing up sometimes, that's all" he said feebly.

"Of course you do! I think its sweet, honestly I do. Most males are such aggressive creatures. Mother and I prefer men to be soft and frilly and submissive. Do you have a baby name dear?"
The young man was silent for a moment and then muttered something inaudible.

"Sorry dear, what did you say?"

"Susan" he said, blushing to the roots of his hair.

"Oh that is a pretty name! You Like to be a little girl baby then. They`re always my favourites! You`re going to love the pretty dresses Mother has for baby girls. She'll make you ever so pretty!"

At that moment a slim dark-haired woman in her early forties came into the room. She had a strong determined face with crimson lips and long eyelashes, and was wearing a cream silk blouse and calf length pleated skirt.

"Arnold my dear I'm so glad you could come", she said with a broad smile.
"He`s called Susan! mother," giggled Penny.

"I see my daughter has been giving you the third degree already, she's far too forward with my young men. Penny darling, go and run a hot sudsy bath for little Susan would you?"
The girl pouted and then patted Arnold on the cheek.

"See you later darling," she said , closing the door behind her. Mrs Proudfoot joined her visitor on the sofa, crossed her shapely stockinged legs and toyed with the pearls round her long neck as she looked him up and down.

"You're not frightened of me are you darling?" she said softly. "There's no need to be. Just relax completely and put yourself in my hands. Do you think you could do that my sweet?"
Arnold felt a delicious weakness spreading through his body as the powerful woman gazed at him. He nodded his head and managed a feeble little smile. She patted his knee and moved closer.

"That` a good boy. I think you and I are going to be very close. I understand all your lovely baby feelings completely. There's nothing to be ashamed of you know. It`s so difficult for a sensitive young man like you, being a grown up male. All that silly strutting about pretending to be in charge of everything. You need some relief from it all, and I'm going to see that you get it."
"Thank you Mrs Proudfoot." he said with a weak smile.

"You're going to have a lovely soft silky afternoon with me as my very own adorable sissy baby Susan." She touched the tip of his nose playfully with her finger, "Now let me hear a nice ickle baby softness in your voice darling."
"Yeth Mummy" said Arnold in a squeaky little voice.

"That's better! I can't wait to get you into baby frillies Susan, your going to be so pretty!"

Mrs Proudfoot held out her hand. "Come along with Mummy darling. I'm going to give you a nice soapy bath and then Penny and I will turn you into a gorgeous helpless dribbling little baby!"

An hour later Mrs Proudfoot, her daughter and Arnold were all in one of the bedrooms. It was a lovely pink room done out as a charming nursery with soft cuddly toys, teddy bears and beautiful dolls everywhere.
Arnold was sitting up on a rubber covered changing table, still glowing from his scented bubble bath, and the big warm fleecy towel he had been dried with, and the baby cream that was rubbed all over him, and the baby talc from the big fluffy pink powder puff that was dabbed in all his secret places.

Penny had paid special attention to his testicles and his smooth penis which stood up very stiffly with baby excitement. A thick fleecy diaper had been tied safely in place with diaper pins, and a pair of very frilly pink nylon baby panties, lined with p.v.c. and with tight elastic at the waist and legs, pulled up snugly over it.
The billowing folds of a lovely soft baby petticoat cascaded down in a frothy wide tent from a delicate lacy bodice, and swished around his baby panties. On his feet were adorable little woollen booties threaded with pink ribbon and with fluffy little pom-poms on each toe.

Arnold was in a dream world of delicious feelings and he became so weak that one of the two woman had to support him constantly. When they cuddled and fussed over him and giggled at his baby sweetness, he melted into their feminine arms and wriggled helplessly. The women had taken control completely and his adult self dribbled away to nothing.

"It's time to put ickle diddums in his woverly baby dwess!" said Mrs Proudfoot, going over to a large wardrobe and selecting two of them for him to choose from. She herself held out a white satin frock with pink bows on each little puffed sleeve and a row of little bows above the lacy hem, while Penny dangled a gorgeous pink nylon dress with a bodice of delicate chiffon and six tiers of frilly folds, which made a delicious rustle as she shook it in front of him.

Arnold looked from one to the other of them wriggling with excitement. His mouth gaped open and his eyes shone with longing as he imagined first the shimmering satin and then the flouncey chiffon smothering him in their soft baby folds.

"Oh look Mummy! Poor ickle Susan has fallen in love with both of them!" giggled Penny.
"Yes he has hasn't he, the precious darling. We shall just have to dress him inboth of them, shan't we my dear."

For the next few blissful minutes Arnold was pushed and pulled like a doll, as the women got to work on him.They smothered him in silkiness and enveloped him in frilliness. They fastenedendless little pearl buttons, flounced out masses of folds and tied dozens of ribbons into sweet little bows. A pink satin baby bonnet was slipped over his curls and its wide silk ribbon tied in a big bow under his chin. Finally he was given a big pacifier to suck and the women stood back to admire their work,

"Oh Mummy he'sadorable!"Squealed Penny, clapping her hands with glee, and Mrs Proudfoot gave a deep sigh of satisfaction.

Taking him in her strong arms she carried himover to a silk covered cradle and settled him inside with his head nestling sweetly on a soft satin pillow. When he looked up at the mirrored ceiling and saw the lovely baby girl he had become, Arnold was at first stunned into silence.Then he began to gurgle softly and jerk his arms and legs so that the soft flouncey folds of his pink nylon dress floated over the white satin frock beneath, making lovely swishy rustling sounds. He began to dribble freely from his pacifier, and Penny tied a little frilly bib around his neck.

"Dere we are diddums! Oo can dwibble as much as oo want to now pwecious !"she said. Gently brushing her hand over the front of his frilly pink baby panties she felt the throbbing hardness of his erect penis even under his thick diaper. He immediately gave a little shudder and a series of helpless gasps as he pumped squirts of sticky cream into his diaper while staring up at himself in the mirror.
The women smiled at each other as they watched him jerking uncontrolably in his infantile bliss.

" Aaaah! Has`Mummy's ickle diddums had a woverly baby thrill den?" said Mrs Proudfoot.

"Y-yeth mummy, me c-couldn't h-help mythelf! " he panted weakly.

"Of course you couldn't Susan darling .Ickle babies can't help being naughty sometimes, " she laughed.

"I think its time for baby`s feed now Penny dear." she said to her daughter.
Penny handed her a bottle full of warm sweetened milk, and with his head resting on her shoulder she pressed the soft rubber teat between his lips.
Arnold began to suck on it at once, making little baby-like gasps as the comforting, sweet liquid filled his mouth and he gulped itdown.
He gazed helplessly into his Mummy`seyes as he sucked and guzzled and Mrs Proudfoot smiled gently down at him and squeezed him close

"Dere dere diddums, dwink all da woverly milkies for mummy like a good ickle babykins." she said, rocking him to and fro. " Can oo feel it making oo even more baby soft an helpless diddums?"
"Mummy mmmnnmph mnng mummng" moaned the young man as he sucked and gulped and kicked out his legs.

When it was all gone and MrsProudfoot pulled the teat from his lips, he had such a look of blissful contentment on his sweet little face that she felt a wave of maternal love for him and covered him in kisses.
"Oh Susan darling, you are my pwecious ickle babykins now aren't you? You're going to come to me every week from now on aren't you? "
Amold could only goo-goo and gah-gah helplessly in her arms as he squirmed and wriggled and floated happily on a silky sea of baby feelings.
"Now show mummy what a helpless ickle diddums oo is sweetykins." she said softly. " I want oo to give your woverly thick diaper a baby soaking. Can oo do dat for mummy diddums?"
Arnold suddenly went limp and parted his legs and Mrs Proudfoot looked into his far away eyes as a torrent of steaming baby wetties streamed and gushed into his diaper.