A Sissy Fashion Show
by Prissy

   "Settle down please girls", Beverly Carter-Brown called out above the excited chatter of her guests. "We`re ready to begin." The dozen elegantly dressed, middle aged women, sitting in two rows before a small stage and makeshift curtain, leaned eagerly towards their hostess.

"Just a word of thanks to Sharron and her ladies at Peek-a Boo Fashions for the gorgeous outfits we`re going to see this afternoon, and to Janice and Fay for doing the sissy`s hair and makeup."

There was a ripple of applause for the absent ladies, who were still `backstage` seeing to last minute details.

"On a practical note, I would just like to point out, for those of you who have not seen a Sissy Fashion Show before, that young men in skirts and panties can easily become, shall we say 'over excited', and to protect your own lovely clothes from any little `accidents`, these rubber aprons are recommended".

She held out a full length white latex apron with a high bib and wide rippling skirt, and the chorus of titters and giggles increased when two Women got up and made a great show of putting them on.

While they were doing so Beverly produced a pair of see-through plastic gloves, for those ladies who were determined to make the sissies have little accidents. "without getting the gooey stuff all over their fingers". When the same two women took a pair of gloves as well, the titters became squeals of laughter.

At last it was time for the first victim to make his appearance and there was a gasp from the audience as a young man minced into view dressed entirely in shimmering silk. His blouse was aquamarine, with a prettily embroidered bodice and big puff sleeves, his short flared white skirt, pushed out by a mass of frothy lace petticoats, reached about six inches above the knees, and he was perched on white stilettos with six inch high heels. This sissy was the latest acquisition of Hilda Bradley, who sat beaming with pride in the front row.

"This is Susan ladies. He`s eighteen years old and he`s been in frilly dresses for, what is it now, three months Hilda?"

"Nearly four Beverly." corrected his owner.

"And I believe you`re sending him to a Sissy Boarding School next week?"

"The `Sweethearts in Silk Academy` darling."

There were murmurs of approval from several of the women who had used this excellent establishment themselves. Beverly flounced out his wide satin skirt and swished the lacey petticoats underneath.

"That will be nice for you, precious." she said, lifting up his skirt so that everyone could see he had no panties on. The women leaned forward to see his pink `dolly` standing up stiffly between two sweet little `pom-poms`.

"Dear- oh- dear Susan, that's not very lady like. We`ll have to ask one of these nice ladies to cover it with some panties, won`t we?" This was the signal for all the women to open their handbags, pull out something frilly and wave it at the effeminate boy.

"Here darling, these are soooo silky!" cried one.

"These will make you feel completely feminine sweetykins." squealed another.

The young man looked from one pair of soft delicate panties to another and his `dolly` made excited little jerking movements.

"Aaah, look ladies, he`s trying to decide. He does so DESPERATELY want to be nicely pantied," laughed Beverly. She put her arm round him and kissed his smooth cheek.

"Is it just too difficult for a feather-brained little sissy to decide what lovely panties to wear Susan?"

Placed his thumb in his mouth the defeated male nodded childishly.

"Shall I choose your panties for you then precious?"

He nodded again and all the women sighed with pleasure at such a weak and submissive creature who could no longer make the smallest decision for himself.
Beverly asked Mrs. Fanshaw-Pitt, a leading light of the local business community, to step up and put Susan in the gorgeous high-waisted, pink silk panties she had brought. The plump, over made-up woman rushed forward with a squeal, wrapped poor Susan in her arms, and pressed her crimson lips all over his face before letting him go and holding the panties at his feet with the elastic stretched out.
The young man stepped daintily into them and gave a little gasp as Mrs. Fanshaw-Pitt drew them slowly upwards. She pulled out the elastic to get them over the excited `dolly`, and smoothed them snugly over his girlish bottom.
This was so delicious a feeling that Susan had to close his eyes tight shut for a moment and breath deeply until the danger of ejaculation had passed. It would never do to disgrace himself before the women had had a good laugh seeing him in his bulging panties.

"There now, Susan dear, doesn`t that make you feel even more girlie?" Asked Beverly, flouncing out his skirt and petticoats.

"Yes thank you Miss." he said softly.

"That's a good sissykins. Now you can sit on Mrs. Fanshaw-Pitt`s knee and watch the other pretty boys parading in their lovely outfits."

He was safely installed in the front row, squirming on the plump woman`s ample, satin-covered lap. She soon had a hand up his skirt and the women on either side were petting and cooing over him constantly. Then Beverly introduced two 'special favourites'.

Daphney and Lesley, both in their early thirties, were owned by Stephany Sandringham, who liked her sissies in pairs so they could be trained as devoted sweethearts and lovers. As usual there were shouts, wolf whistles and stamping feet when the two sweethearts appeared, this time in exquisite lingerie, sheer seamed stockings and six inch, pencil thin high heels. Daphney, the blonde, wore a sheer white chiffon negligee over his cream coloured, lacey bra and panties, while Lesley had on a pink nylon baby doll nightee over matching satin undies.

The two effeminate men went straight into a well rehearsed routine, consisting of bump- and- grind dancing, brazen display of very firm erections inside their panties, and much kissing and squirming together.

This time the sissies were required to reach a peak of girlish excitement together. Painted lips pressed together, enveloped in eachother`s arms, and gently rubbing their panty bulges together, they were soon spurting jets of sticky liquid into their panties and slithering the gooey wetness together. There were hoots and squeals of glee from the excited women as the sissy boys, still dripping, looked anxiously over at Stephany Sandringham for her approval. Fortunately for them, Stephany seemed tolerably satisfied by their perverted performance. She came up to take a bow and let them grovel at her feet, licking her shiny black stilettos before taking the perverts away for a good spanking back stage.

Beverly was particularly pleased to introduce the next frilly young man because he was her own latest protégé. Poor David had gone into Beverley`s Lingerie shop to buy a pretty nightee for his girlfriend. He woke up several hours later in the flat upstairs wearing the nightee, his hair in soft curls and his face expertly made up. There followed a week of intensive feminisation until Beverly was satisfied that `Davina` was fit to appear before her friends.

"Now ladies, do be gentle with Davina, He`s still a little bewildered by his new life." she was saying as her pretty young niece Sally brought their latest victim onto the stage. A great sigh of maternal pleasure arose from the audience when they saw the adorable 'six year old' little girl Beverly had produced. He was dressed in a gorgeous silk and chiffon frock in primrose yellow, with masses of petticoats and a divine little matinee coat in pink satin with lace trimming and little pink bows everywhere. His hair was done in childish bangs with enormous pink ribbons, and his angelically pretty face looked even more sweetly adorable with tears of agonising shame running down his smooth pink cheeks.

"Oh dear, the precious darling is still crying, Sally." Said Beverly, as the feminised creature was brought towards her.

"Yes aunty, he hasn't stopped all morning," replied Sally. "I think its because he feels so deliciously soft and little- girlie in this dress."

Beverly and her niece began fussing over his ribbons and smoothing the folds of his skirt.

"Aaah! does my angel sweetykins feel terribly, AWFULLY, UTTERLY FEMININE darling?" his owner asked. The poor young man could only nod weakly, with a fresh outburst of tears.

"And has it sunk in at last that you are not a male at all now, and never will be again?"
He nodded again and the sobbing became almost hysterical, to the great amusement of the Female audience.

"And is your little dolly standing up nicely, to prove how much you love being a sweet frilly little girl?" Sally lifted his skirt and petticoats and everyone could see how stiff his `dolly` was. In fact it was pressed firmly up against his tummy.

"What? No panties again?" laughed Beverly. "What naughty girls we have today ladies, don`t we?"

All the women immediately began waving the panties they had brought, each calling out to be the one to dress him in her own silky pair. Alas, it was too late for poor weak effeminate Davina. He saw the laughing women and the fluttering panties, and the shame of it was too much. He gave a cry and looked helplessly at Beverly. She knew what was happening.

"Careful ladies, he shoots a long way!" she called out, as the sissy began to spurt jets of creamy liquid. It splattered over the first two rows of shrieking Women.
"I did warn you to wear rubber aprons ladies!" laughed Beverly.

The End