Mrs Lacewell`s Baby
by Prissy

    "Ah! Susan, how lovely you're looking this morning my dear. Do come in." said the elegant middle aged woman with a warm smile.

"Hello Mrs Lacewell, I'm not late am I? I was out with my boyfriend last night and we, er, I mean I slept in."

"Susan! I do believe you're blushing," laughed Mrs Lacewell, showing her young visitor into the lounge. "I know perfectly well what naughtiness you young people get up to these days."
As the lovely 18 year old lowered her pert bottom onto the sofa and crossed her shapely legs, so that her short pleated white tennis skirt rode up her thighs, the older woman understood why she was in such demand for naughtiness with the boys.

"And may I ask who the lucky young man is Susan ?" she said, sitting down next to her.

"Oh, just someone from college, but we aren't serious or anything - at least I'm not!"

"Quite right too my dear. You shop around while you're young. If you're not serious about a boy my advice is to suck his cock rather than fuck him. Thats what we always did " Susan was always surprised at how direct the prim looking Mrs Lacewell could be.
"Yes, er fortunately I love doing that" she said, blushing a little more.

Then a sad look came over Mrs Lacewell. She took a lace handkerchief from the sleeve of her smart silk blouse and dabbed at her nose.

"I think it's very sweet of you to take the trouble to visit my poor son. Simon is not exactly a young girl`s dream any more is he? I had hoped once, before the accident of course, that you and he------" She began to sob quietly.

Susan leaned forward solicitously, so that her firm young breasts strained the thin material of her blouse."I must admit I was desperately in love with him Mrs Lacewell."
"I know dear, and you certainly did fuck him. Lots of times. He confessed everything to me."
"Yes, we did it often. Simon is so horny, I mean he used to be. But the way things turned out, with the accident-----"

"Oh, of course you had to give him up dear. No one blames you for that!"She began sobbing again.

"We mustn't be sad for the poor darling Mrs Lacewell. I'm sure in his own little mind, he's very happy!" said Susan, putting a comforting arm round the older woman`s shoulder. She was close to tears herself.

"Well if he is happy my dear (sniff), it's entirely due to you. Your visits mean so much to him Susan. I'I1 never be able to thank you properly."

"Now that's enough of that Mrs Lacewell. I don't need any thanks. I enjoy seeing the precious darling. To tell the truth, it makes quite a pleasant change to be with a male who doesn't try to....well, you know." Mrs Lacewell brightened up a little. "Yes, there is that I suppose - any woman is quite safe with poor Simon now. Mind you," she added with a little laugh, "his little 'boy's thing' still makes a disgraceful show of itself when you cuddle him doesn't it?"

Susan giggled, "Oh it does the naughty thing! Which reminds me, I've brought this rubber apron to cover my skirt; just in case he does manage a little squirt of his cream this time."

Mrs Lacewell shook her head and the tears began to flow again. "I'm afraid you wont need it my dear, the poor darling can't manage that any more, no matter how hard his little thing gets."

"Perhaps this time he will, Mrs Lacewell," said Susan, "I would love to see him getting some pleasure. You know, to tell you the truth, I get quite a thrill myself seeing the helpless baby so excited."

Susan followed Mrs Lacewell up stairs, tying her rubber apron round her slim waist as she went. They came to a pink door with 'Baby's Nursery' on it and a picture of a bunny rabbit underneath.

"You know, if I have a baby of my own, I'm going to do it out just like this," said Susan as they entered the charming bedroom. "I'II have this pink flowered wall paper, and these frilly pink curtains, and the thick fluffy carpet. That is if it's a girl of course."

"Yes it is sweet isn't it," said Mrs Lacewell. "I like to make him feel soft and delicate, and of course the poor darling doesn't know it's a baby girl`s room."

"Well it can't do any harm now can it," said Susan, "He's never going to grow up now is he." The two women were both whispering, in case Simon was asleep, and going over to his cot, they saw that he was.

What a picture of baby sweetness he made! His blonde curls were peeping out from the wide frill of his white satin bonnet, and his cherry red lips were sucking rhythmically on his pacifier, so that it's big pink plastic disc waggled sweetly against his little nose. His baby nightee was of pale lemon chiffon, with a mass of frills at the neck, and a six inch chiffon ruffle at the hem. His plastic panties, also in pale lemon, were pulled over two thick fleecy diapers. On his feet were pretty white satin baby booties with enormous pink bows, and there were matching satin mittens on his hands.

"You still have to tie the poor dear`s hands and feet to the cot I see." said Susan.

"I`m afraid so my dear. Doctors orders. They can hurt themselves so easily!"

As he lay on his tummy squirming on the white satin cover, delightful swishing noises mingled with little baby gurgling noises.

Susan and Mrs Lacewell both gave a deep sigh as they looked at the precious sweetheart.

"Oh isn't he simply adorable," gushed Susan, hugging herself with pleasure. Mrs Lacewell put her hand down the front of her son's plastic panties and felt his diapers.

"Just as I thought, soaking wet! I'm going to have to smack his bottom."

Susan, looked puzzled."But Mrs Lacewell, he can' t help it can he?" she said.

"I know he can`t my dear, and believe me, I hate having to do it, but the doctor says it's just possible he may learn to control himself if I punish his little accidents."She slapped her son smartly on both cheeks, and he woke up suddenly with a little squeal.

"Hello precious! look who's come to see you darling."

As soon as the eighteen year old boy saw Susan smiling down at him he burst into tears. Only a few months before this lovely creature had been his girlfriend, and he was a proud cocky young man. The memory of it was clearly unbearable.

The pacifier was tied in place with a satin ribbon, so he couldn`t spit it out, but he seemed anxious to say something to Susan. His eyes made wide staring movements and he tugged and kicked at his restraints.

"Poor darling, he`s so excited to see you Susan," laughed his mother, "I`ll have to calm him down a little." A syringe was produced and she gave him a quick and expert injection just below the leg elastic of his frilly plastic panties. Within seconds he had stopped struggling. He sank down into the silky softness of the cot and began sucking his pacifier quietly.

"That`s better my angel. Now we can untie these nasty wibbons can`t we diddums?" she said, beginning to free his wrists and ankles. The tears continued to flow as he looked up helplessly. Susan leaned over the padded silk-lined cot, her young breasts almost slipping out of her blouse.

"Goochy goochy goo...didums mustn' t cry. Give Aunty Susan a nice big kiss kiss my darling angel."She gathered him in her arms and covered his little face in kisses. A tear began to trickle down Susan's cheek as she rocked baby Simon against her firm young breasts.

"Oh Mrs Lacewell, the poor darling; when I think what a big strong boy he was..." Mrs Lacewell seemed to have recovered completely from her own sad memories

"Yes, yes my dear, I know, but I must just give him his spanking." she said impatiently. A look of sheer terror appeared on Simon' s face as his mother approached. She had his plastic panties and his wet diapers off in a moment and, turning him rather roughly onto his tummy, immediately laid into his baby bottom with her hand. Each spank was accompanied by loud admonitions about the extreme naughtiness of babies wetting themselves without Mummy`s permission. A huge empty baby bottle that she had fed him earlier fell off the cabinet at the side of his cot, so violent were his mother`s blows.

Mrs Lacewell was flushed and panting, but glowing with pleasure when she finished the spanking at last and Simon lay sobbing helplessly into his soft silk pillow.

She looked rather sheepishly at Susan, who was giving her a strange look in return.

"It must be done; my dear - Doctor's orders you know. Now, let's get him undressed and into his bath shall we ?"

A few minutes later the two women lowered the naked big baby into warm sudsy water, and began to soap his smooth body. Susan had brought a pair of her panties for the job and paid particular attention to Simon's hairless private parts, smiling to see his penis standing up rigidly in response to her delicate ministrations. Seeing him staring fixedly at her breasts she thoughtfully undid the top two buttons on her blouse to give the poor darling a better view.

"You know Mrs Lacewell, I could swear sometimes Simon looks at me like a normal man!" she said. "Look at the concentration in his eyes!"

"Oh I'm afraid not dear," replied Mrs Lacewell quickly. "His mind is definitely quite empty now. the Doctor says he has the intelligence of a 6 month old baby." She took her son's face in her hands and leaned very close to him.

"Poor ickle didum's, his ickel mindykins is all gone now isn`t it. Nothing there at all is there?"

Susan could have sworn she saw a look of pure hatred in Simon's mute, hopeless eyes, as his mother kissed his forehead and then began rather roughly wiping his face with a soapy sponge. The young girl brought a huge thick white fleecy bath towel, lovely and warm from the airing cupboard, and rubbed baby nice and dry. Then they carried him over to the changing table and laid him on the white rubber sheet.

His mother and her young assistant, each with a bottle of baby oil and 'Precious Popsey' talc, went to work on the smooth pink flesh. Mrs Lacewell lifted up his legs till his knees hugged his little ears, so they could pay proper attention to baby`s botty.

"I think he would prefer you to do the really intimate bit my dear." she said. Susan nodded with perhaps a little too much enthusiasm.

"Yes, I will, that is, I mean, I don`t mind."

Putting on transparent plastic gloves she scooped up a big dollop of 'baby gel' in her fingers and began to smother it over his erect penis, his pretty plumbs and his bottom. Then she eased her middle finger into his tight little rosebud. As she pushed her finger slowly in and out, the darling girl smiled sweetly at the helpless boy.

" Baby does love his squidgy-widgies doesn't he," she giggled, watching his stiff red penis beginning to jerk. Susan was sure she could bring poor Simon to a happy eruption of milky pleasure.

Mrs Lacewell however was equally sure her baby was not going to get his release.

"Careful my dear," she interrupted, pushing herself closer. "Let me just tie a pretty ribbon round that naughty popsey of his - it will look so sweet." In fact she was busy for several minutes, and tied six ribbons very tightly down the length of the rigid member, from just beneath the rim of it's little bulb down to one wrapped round his smooth little plumbs to separate them and make them stand out.

"There now, doesn't that look pretty," she said triumphantly. Susan again looked puzzled.

"Yes Mrs Lacewell, very pretty, but aren't they rather tight ? I mean how can the poor darling do his squirties with all those on ?"

"It's good for him my dear, Doctor`s orders you know."

Susan shrugged her shoulders and resumed the steady thrusting of her finger until Simon was bucking up and down on the table and groaning through his pacifier. She used her other hand to grasp the penis and rub rapidly up and down, but apart from a dribble of clear fluid the helpless baby could not spurt, and after several minutes she reluctantly gave up. Simon grabbed hold of the rigid penis himself and masturbated desperately while Susan continued with two fingers, pushing them rapidly in and out up to the knuckle.

His mummy watched for a minute or two and then slapped his face and shouted, "That`s enough diddums!" Turning to Susan she explained the need for firmness in dealing with babies.

When Simon was finally creamed, powdered and scented, his face prettily made up, and his soft curls brushed out, he was carried into his mothers bedroom, and sat on a pile of big satin pillows on her huge bed.

Mrs Lacewell removed his pacifier, and quickly pushed the teat of a big baby`s bottle between his lips. The bottle was filled with a milky liquid which she fed her son frequently. It contained a powder that she obtained from Madam Travesta, the Woman who's theories on male training she had studied so carefully. Baby started sucking eagerly, hopelessly addicted to the powerful substance, which was making him more and more infantile, while his mummy smiled down at him and sighed a deep maternal sigh.

"Now lets get baby dressed shall we dear ? I've just finished a new outfit. Just wait till you see it," she said when the bottle was empty. Susan squealed gleefully when Mrs Lacewell carefully brought over her creation, and held it up for her young friend to see.

"Oh Mrs Lacewell, it's adorable!"

The dress was undoubtedly her finest work; a shimmering fantasy in white silk and pink chiffon, dripping with little pink bows and lacy ruffles.Susan played her fingers over the delicate frills at the bodice and oohed and ahed over the lovely folds of chiffon round the silky skirt.

"Look babykins, look what your Mummy has made for her pretty darling," said Susan as Mrs Lacewell dangled the gorgeous baby dress over him. Simon gazed at the humiliating garment. The injections and the special milk in his bottle produced their effect however. He needed the dress. He began to dribble from his pacifier as he jerked his legs and bucked his bottom up and down on the bed.

"Oh look!" squealed Susan, "He's trying to reach it with his stiff baby peeny!" Mrs Lacewell smiled as she teasingly held the dress so that the frothy ruffled hem was just out of reach of the throbbing bulb of his tightly ribboned erection as he thrust and jerked towards it.

"He's trying to make love to it, in his baby way," said Mrs Lacewell, "Isn't that sweet ? He does love getting a new dress."

Susan trembled with delight at this display and felt a delicious tingling feeling.

"Oh Mrs Lacewell, isn't it wonderful to see baby so excited,...I...oh..oooh --,do you mind if..." Mrs Lacewell grinned at Susan as the brazen girl lifted her short skirt and began to rub the gusset of her white panties.

"Go ahead my dear. It's lovely to see my silly big baby giving a young girl some sort of pleasure."

Susan rubbed away, concentrating on Simon`s thrusting penis until she gave a little cry and a sigh of contentment.

"Oooh! That was better than last night with that boy." she said.

Before Simon could receive the gorgeous dress, he had to have several baby petticoats slipped over his head, one after the other, until he was smothered in 20 layers of silk and nylon, all yoked from the high bodice and so full they formed a wide tent reaching down to his excited little penis in a frothy mass of 'frou frou'. Simon had become quite still now, sucking quietly on his pacifier, his eyes staring and his penis leaking fluid continuously as he absorbed all the delicious frilliness.

Then came the lovely silk baby dress that slithered and rustled over his petticoats as the two women threaded his arms into the pretty puff sleeves, gathered the sides round to the back and fastened all the little buttons.

Mrs Lacewell produced a matching new bonnet - a charming white satin affair with a huge frilly brim. It was slipped over his soft curls and tied under his chin with a huge satin bow. He looked so adorably pretty Susan excused herself and rubbed herself to another little orgasm.

Next came white satin booties, with pink bows, and cute little satin mittens. Mrs Lacewell gave him a favourite dolly to hug and the two women stood back to admire the picture of girlish sweetness they had created.

Simon had regressed deep into babyhood now. He wriggled and squirmed on the silky bed sucking and dribbling from his pacifier and making little contented sighs. Susan opened her blouse and pulled down her Lacey bra. Her firm nipples stood out pink and stiff, making baby gurgle and dribble even more as he jerked his arms and legs.

"Aaah! Does ickel babykins want to suck nice Aunty Susan's lovely titties den ?" said Mrs Lacewell. "I don't know if he deserves it Susan, do you?"

Simon gave such a pleading look, and wriggled about so sweetly that Susan couldn't deny him a moment longer. She sat on the bed beside him, removed his pacifier with a 'plop' and pressed her soft warm breast to his eager lips. Simon gave a babyish moan and took the succulent nipple hungrily into his mouth. "There, there babykins, diddums have a nice suck - ooh yes, isn't that nice !" Susan sighed. She pulled up his pettys and baby dress and rolled on top of him so that her cool rubber apron slithered over his stiff, tightly ribboned penis.

"I'm sure I can get- the poor dear -to- spurt if I- really try Mrs Lacewell," she said breathlessly. Baby Simon squirmed frantically, sliding his penis up and down the rubber, while sucking desperately on Susan's sweet nipple. Mrs Lacewell smiled at the hopeless efforts of the two young people.

"Well try ,by all means my dear. No one would be happier than I if he could....."

Simon bucked his bottom faster and faster and Susan pressed his head deep into her breast, stroking his curly hair and urging him on. Wriggling and slithering against him she worked her hand under his bottom to insert a finger inside him, and slide it in and out. They rocked together, thrashing from side to side frantically, but after ten minutes Susan had to admit defeat again.

The poor boy was clearly incapable of a single spurt.

Sadly she took her nipple from his dribbling mouth, and rolled off him, gasping with exhaustion. "I'm afraid you're right Mrs Lacewell, the poor darling can't manage it, can he?"

"Well, he is only a baby now dear," said Mrs Lacewell, bending over to examine her son's penis. It was red and swollen and the ribbons had almost disappeared from view, they were so tightly embedded. Only the dribble of cream was still escaping.

Baby Simon, crimson faced and spluttering, grasped hold of his penis again and tried frantically to reach the elusive release himself. This time his mother slapped his hand away almost immediately.

"Naughty baby, naughty, naughty naughty!" she almost screamed, slapping his face repeatedly. "Baby can't do it, so stop trying."

Gradually Simon's jerkings subsided till, quite exhausted he finally lay still, sobbing with shame and frustration.

"If only he could get some pleasure," said Susan sadly. "It's not much of a life for the poor darling is it."

"Not much I'm afraid dear," replied Mrs Lacewell with a distinct smile of what seemed like satisfaction. "We might as well get him into his diapers and plastic panties."

She put her face close to her son's. "Don't cry precious, Mummy will always look after her helpless babykins."