The Art of Barbara-Jean
with storyette by Prim

Preparing Rosy for Captain Allday

"Come along, Ruffles darling," said Evelyn Charming. "The captain will be here in half an hour, so there's only one place we must be, isn't there?"
Her eighteen year old son tensed his hand in his mother's fingers and spoke very softly. "Is it the cuddle-couch, mama?"
His mother kissed him on the forehead and stood up to bring Ruffles to his feet. "Yes, my little angel-face. But first we need to get the Captain's little sweetie ready. Now darling, where shall we start turning Rosy Ruffles into your visitor's adorable little pantywaist cuddle?"
The boy's lips trembled attractively as he replied: "We'll s-start at mama's dressing table." His pom-pom slippers padded daintily beside his mother's high heels as she led the way from his nursery, along the gallery landing and into her bed chamber. The scent of Parisien perfumes sweetened the air, and Rosy's floor-length chiffon peignoir was slipped from his shoulders and down his arms. There, in the mirror, were his budding nipples and stiffening genital, with the flawless, opaque skin of a girl. His mother's hands on his hips signalled him to sit.
"Captain Allday tells me he likes white nylons, precious," explained Evelyn, gathering a stocking onto her hand. "But he prefers girlie boys in knee highs... worn with frilly garters. He was quite breathless telling me about it... I could see his excitement in the front of his trousers."
Rosy's fingers clasped the blushes that were starting to darken his cheeks. His crimson toe nails were inserted into his knee high, and the nylon crept up his calf, over his knee and stretched into a tight fit on his thigh. A garter of white elastic prettied with pink and blue slid after it and held it daintily to girlify his leg. A few moments later he had two pretty legs to match, adorned at his feet with platform high heels in pink satin. Before he could stand to try his heels, his mother laid him back in her dressing table chair and examined the root of his stiffened genital.
"What adorable little plums you have, my darling," and her fingers rolled them delicately to and fro to see signs of soft down. Just a touch or two here and there of the Lady-Trim and she was satisfied that her sweetheart was smoother than a baby girl. "My angel's little genital is going to wear pink satin for the Captain."
A gasp of girlishness escaped Rosy's crimson lips as his mama presented him with his genity dress. What a beautiful little garment, styled to contain every curve of his excitement, and with such exquisite ribbon interlaced through the front from neck to toe. As always, his fingers sought to intervene... to prevent mama from encasing his poor, sensitive member in such feminine prettiness... to stay her busy fingers as she slipped the silk-lined satin sleeve down his poppet and secured the testes wrap all round his plums to lock the dress in place. His head fell back with wafts of pleasure as she threaded and tucked at the satin lacing, closing... squeezing the stiffening genital, until the final ends could wrap around the neck and do into a baby bow behind his satin-bonneted helmet. The transparent reservoir stood erect... soon to be filled above his knoblet with copious evidence of his passionate girlishness. When he saw his genital fully dressed, a little squeak escaped his lips and he hid his face in his hands, his downward pointing high heels reaching out as far as they could go.
"Aaah - ha - ha!" cooed Evelyn as she separated his arms and made him look at his pretty penis. "Is my precious pop-pom having a little quiver of girlishness with such an attractive genital for the Captain?" She wiped a tear away from each of his cheeks and stood up to show him the silk dress he was going to wear for the evening to help him to relax. She laid it on the bed beside his ruffled peticoats and took up his waist-length chemise.
"Put your arms through, darling," she said, holding it in front of him. The soft organza hung from his shoulders on ribbons and fastened round him with back buttons. "And we want Rosy's lovely curls to drop around his neck, don't we." She loosened his scarf under his chin, slipped it off, and removed all his rollers one after the other. Her fingers combed and plucked them through into a cloud of ravishing curls.
Soon her cherub was wearing his petticoats and dress, surrounding him with the sweet scent of silk.
"It's time for the cuddle couch, sweetheart, where Rosy will feel as soft and effeminate as any girl." Her words were like petals of sweetness touching his delicate skin as she adored his girlishness. "Captain Allday will smile at your lovely face, darling," she said, "but it needs to be a quiet, obedient face that listens and doesn't answer back. Open wide my sweet."
A sad look of submission blinked in Rosy's eyes as a ball-gag was pressed between his lovely lips and the narrow strap was buckled at the back of his neck. Next his sun-brimmed bonnet was drawn onto his hair and fastened under his chin. His mama laid him back on the cuddle-couch, sunk into satin cushions, and presented his anus with the probe of hormonal lubrication.
"A little taster of the Captain, my little darling," she cooed, her lips smiling with affection for her obedient pet. As she turned on the vibration, the pleasure swelled for Rosy Ruffles and his genital dress grew tighter and tighter. Already this week he had shared the cuddle couch with Councillor Wanton, and again with Lord Fillips. His eyes closed, and he let the sweetness of his femininity spread all through his soft, girlish body. In a few minutes, when the Captain filled his love passage, it would take only a few minutes of pleasure to fill his genital reservoir with squirts of girlish love-cream.