Contents of #90
Prissy's Sissy Art:
Full colour drawings with mini stories( storyettes):
Frilly and Feminine

The GirlyBoy Clinic

Sissy Father-in-Law

Susan and Pansykins

Nurse Nipple

Women In Control

Susan and the Bank Manager

The Animation :
Grovelling for Madame
Prim`s Page
Continuing Prim's graphic serialThe Helpless Adventures of Johnny
Now in colour

The Curtus Boys
Two more sissy drawings from Curtus:
The Rough Boys and One More
Baby's Nursery
(for vewy ickel sissies):

A baby story A visit to Nanny Betty by Charlotte
A Prissy Baby Drawing: Baby Lodger
The Art of Morpheus
Morpheus presents 15 superb Art works in part 6 of: The Teacher
The Fetish World of Nimrod
Another scene in Nimrod's Trained to Serve
Letters to Mummy Blousewell:
With 6 reader stories, including chapter 3 of Carl's MATRONS DESEXING AND BUTTONING SOCIETY and glamour pics of lovely Priscilla Pinkpussy

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