Contents of #69
Prissy's Sissy Art:
Full colour drawings with mini stories( storyettes):

Training Terry

Learning to Love Lingerie

The Principle's Boys 1

The Principle's Boys 2

Reporting for Milking

Asking the Ladies

The Animation :
Baby Bouncer
Prim`s Page
Two drawings by Prim : Dear Aloysius and The Transformation League

The Curtus Boys
Two more sissy drawings from Curtus:
His cousin Cecil and Stepping Out
Baby's Nursery
(for vewy ickel sissies):

A story from baby dani: The Baby Sitter
and A Prissy Baby Drawing: His Rubber Panties
Penelope Pinprick
2 Sissy Drawings from this exciting artist
Invited to a Party and His First Day
Felicia Fussyfrocks
The office slut's new story is His Auntie's Pretty Pet
The Art of Morpheus
Morpheus presents two drawings: Masturbating in Public and Gentlemen Callers
Pretty Sissy Dani
Two drawings: Prissy Little Sissy and Sissy Maid Dani

Satyn Sissies,
Two drawings from Satyn:Time for Tea and Best Friends

Lady Penelope's Pansies,
Introducing lovely girls in gorgeous dresses

Letters to Mummy Blousewell:
9 readers stories (including the winning entry for story competition #15: Caught in His Flatmate's Frillies and a stunning story from flossie); an illustrated story from yet another new talent, Ethan; and photos of latex baby sissy Maike (having his own milk for tea!)

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