Contents of #57
Prissy's Sissy Art:
( Full colour drawings with mini stories):

Make Him a Girl

A Penis Made for Panties

Male Developement

Is He Girly Enough?

A Summer with Aunty

Always in Pink

The Animation:
Emily's New Maid
Prim`s Page
Continuing Prim's classic comic strip: The Story of Walt Wisconsin
The Curtus Boys
Two more sissy drawings from Curtus:
The Scout Mistress and The Deportment Lesson
Baby's Nursery
(for vewy ickel sissies):

A baby story by Prissy: My Baby Holiday
A Prissy Baby Drawing: Pretty Babies
Penelope Pinprick
Sissy Drawings from this exciting artist
Mrs. Squires Treatment and Saturday Afternoon
Felicia Fussyfrocks
The conclusion of: Ms. Featherstone's Frilly Fairy
Letters to Mummy Blousewell:
Including: the winner of story comp #10 Sissy Husbands, More Sissy milking from karlie and photos of Lucy Fairfax and Eve X

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