Contents of #35

Prissy's Sissy Art:
Spurt Control


My Husband Susan

He Likes It

Coming Together

David's Question.
Prim`s Page:
A thrilling Prim Story: Boarding School Pantyboys
plus 2 stand alone Prim drawings with captions:-
His Promise to be Good and, Forced to Suck
Baby's Nursery
(for vewy ickel sissies):

Prissy Story: De-Sexing the Troublesome Male
Prissy Picture: Are You a Man?
A Letter from Mommy Sadie
The Mommy you have dreamed about!
The Animation:
The Sweetboy Playschool

Letters to Mummy Blousewell:
Confessions, fantasies, a lovely Centerfold Sissy,
four entries to our second story competition The Prettyboy Academy,
and a superb Madame Domworthy story from Flossie.

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