Contents of #27

Prissy's Sissy Art:
Your Turn to Squirt.

Her Ex-Boyfriend.

Still Too Butch?

Making a Sissy Playmate

Try Harder!

Louder Slut!
Prim`s Page:
Wimpy Walter
An exciting Prim story
plus 2 seperate drawings:-
Kissing Cousins
and, The New Girl.
Baby's Nursery
(for vewy ickel sissies):

Prissy Story: An Overdose of Baby Treatment.
Prissy Picture: Sucking Mummy's Titty.
And two lovely, babyish letters from readers. The Animation:
Frilly Simon
Letters to Mummy Blousewell:
Confessions, photos, stories -including a prize winning story,
and another gorgeous Centerfold Sissy

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